Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hardware Stores & Women

Hardware Stores

Why is it, that Salesmen inside Hardware Stores find it so difficult dealing with female customers who know what they want?

In my entire experience as a Director I have only met TWO Salesmen who treated me as an equal, as someone with a brain, as an adult. One of them I've never seen again, the other STILL makes his way across the entire store to welcome my husband and I, enquire after our work/children/lives. He has worked at two different stores in two different areas.

Do you know that through that salesman alone my husband and I have spent tens of thousands on our home (in 2006/2007) and thousands for my show props and sets since 2011.

Just shows you.

Be nice to the girls, they can be good customers too.

Ya know.

Sandy Bigara

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