Wednesday, 3 September 2014

FAMILY Ballet Boys

Today one of my Music & Drama pupils, a 5 year old boy, marched to his seat and sat down with his arms folded. The dance music had changed from african rhythm to a very gaelic flowing lilt.

"I'm not dancing to this. It's sissy music. I'm not doing ballerina stuff to this. No way. I'm not a sissy ballerina I'm a BOY."

I felt that the root of his comment and behaviour were rooted in fear of 'Daddy Displeasure' and not from his own point of view. So I said to him:

"My boy, you're too small to know this but. Boy Ballet Dancers are INCREDIBLY tough, they are so fit - their muscles are huuuuge! They can lift girls up high in the air, and when they jump - they can jump right over your head - they move fast and they can flip right over in the air like Spiderman! They are SO strong. Stronger than your DAD!"

He thought about that. Stood slowly, his arms started to float... And he moved away gracefully, spinning and jumping with his arms stretched out.

Softness and Grace is NOT a Weakness. Men, raise your boys with this understanding.

Sandy Bigara

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