Monday, 8 September 2014

Child Abuse Videos on Facebook

What is this new trend of posting videos of adults beating up children?

Are there any repercussions like real-life prosecution/jail time? Or is the perp still out there hitting up small children?

I feel that it is a potential breeding ground for attention seekers to 'make' these videos in the hopes of them going viral. Be careful guys, ask yourself "by posting this video, am I assisting in the capture of this child abuser, or am I only assisting in creating a 'viral' video and causing stress and anger amongst my peers?" If the face of the perp is not clear, if they could be 'just anyone' then the video is next to useless and the content is just there to cause distress and 'share' clicking.

As a survivor of Psychological child/teen abuse, these videos are a trigger for me (and countless others), and seeing these videos without warning in my newsfeed causes me (and others) grief, anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Just think twice before hitting the 'share' button... Please?

Sandy Bigara

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