Monday, 22 September 2014

Creepy German Kids Show

I have found something so ... ugh. 
Just watch it: CREEPY KID SHOW 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Register as an Organ Donor

I have just registered as an Organ Donor, thanks to a link shared by Alison McCutcheon of it was incredibly simple to do, just follow the link below and fill in the form.

What follows, is a genuine plea for financial assistance, you can either sign up for a small monthly contribution (or a large one if you are awesome like that) or click 'I am not comfortable' with the idea:

"The (administrative) cost for one person to sign up as an organ donor is R125.00. From April 2011 to April 2012 over 20 000 people registered as organ donors at a cost of over R2.5 million.

Sadly every year fewer transplants are performed in South Africa and the demand for organs are getting bigger every day. The Organ Donor Foundation needs you to share in our passion to help thousands of individuals and their many family members who unnecessarily suffers. A monthly debit order donation will help us to step up our effort of awareness and education that urgently needs to be taken to a higher level.

You can decide on a monthly amount that is easy for you to afford. Kindly say yes below. A form will appear that you must please complete. We will then process your debit order and send you the necessary documentation to finalize."

When you consider the amount of lives that can be transformed by this one simple decision, the decision to donate organs becomes... Even simpler.

Visit to find out even more.

Have a wonderful day xx

Sandy Bigara

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

VIDEO Prince Ea on Why He Think This World Should End

Wow. Just Wow. 

This video left me speechless. 

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Child Abuse Videos on Facebook

What is this new trend of posting videos of adults beating up children?

Are there any repercussions like real-life prosecution/jail time? Or is the perp still out there hitting up small children?

I feel that it is a potential breeding ground for attention seekers to 'make' these videos in the hopes of them going viral. Be careful guys, ask yourself "by posting this video, am I assisting in the capture of this child abuser, or am I only assisting in creating a 'viral' video and causing stress and anger amongst my peers?" If the face of the perp is not clear, if they could be 'just anyone' then the video is next to useless and the content is just there to cause distress and 'share' clicking.

As a survivor of Psychological child/teen abuse, these videos are a trigger for me (and countless others), and seeing these videos without warning in my newsfeed causes me (and others) grief, anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Just think twice before hitting the 'share' button... Please?

Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Joan Rivers dies at age 81

My condolences to the Rivers family and friends.

Although Joan may have offended people recently regarding the fighting in Gaza - I think that we can all give her a measure of grace, at 81 years of age most of our loved ones have retired and are 'out of the limelight'

A long and fun filled life.

RIP Joan Rivers xx


Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

FAMILY Ballet Boys

Today one of my Music & Drama pupils, a 5 year old boy, marched to his seat and sat down with his arms folded. The dance music had changed from african rhythm to a very gaelic flowing lilt.

"I'm not dancing to this. It's sissy music. I'm not doing ballerina stuff to this. No way. I'm not a sissy ballerina I'm a BOY."

I felt that the root of his comment and behaviour were rooted in fear of 'Daddy Displeasure' and not from his own point of view. So I said to him:

"My boy, you're too small to know this but. Boy Ballet Dancers are INCREDIBLY tough, they are so fit - their muscles are huuuuge! They can lift girls up high in the air, and when they jump - they can jump right over your head - they move fast and they can flip right over in the air like Spiderman! They are SO strong. Stronger than your DAD!"

He thought about that. Stood slowly, his arms started to float... And he moved away gracefully, spinning and jumping with his arms stretched out.

Softness and Grace is NOT a Weakness. Men, raise your boys with this understanding.

Sandy Bigara

Hardware Stores & Women

Hardware Stores

Why is it, that Salesmen inside Hardware Stores find it so difficult dealing with female customers who know what they want?

In my entire experience as a Director I have only met TWO Salesmen who treated me as an equal, as someone with a brain, as an adult. One of them I've never seen again, the other STILL makes his way across the entire store to welcome my husband and I, enquire after our work/children/lives. He has worked at two different stores in two different areas.

Do you know that through that salesman alone my husband and I have spent tens of thousands on our home (in 2006/2007) and thousands for my show props and sets since 2011.

Just shows you.

Be nice to the girls, they can be good customers too.

Ya know.

Sandy Bigara

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

POLITICS A Personal Expression

After reading the comments below the article posted by Max Du Preez, once again it is abundantly clear.

I am not allowed to call myself African.

It is not allowed, unfortunately, due to the pigment of my skin, and the birth place of my great-great grandparents (being a third generation South African does not warrant my being 'African' even if it says that I am in my ID book & Passport)

I suppose, no matter where I settle, no matter where I 'lay my hat' - I will never have a place to call home. The love that I feel for this country, the sounds smells and tastes that have shaped my consciousness since birth do not belong to me. That right to call Africa my 'home' is stripped away from me by angry minds and bitter hearts, callous words... Of people that do not know me at all. And all because of the colour of my skin. And because of the fact that I happened to be born as a white person in Durban, South Africa.

It means nothing that my family, my parent & grand parents never pandered to nor submitted to the regulations imposed by the Apartheid regime. It means nothing that I was taught to love and respect all people equally from childhood. It means nothing that my Father was considered to be a Zulu man by his builders and staff - that he speaks still with isizulu nuances because he spoke isizulu each day, more than he spoke english. It means nothing that my mother assists so many people each month on her meager salary - putting children though school, buying cars for people, helping in so many ways that go above and beyond the call. And yet we are branded 'racist' in an instant, by strangers.

Those who are darker shades than I am, my friends, colleagues and companions and one xhosa sister - they know me. I receive nothing but friendship and support, laughter love and understanding... But from the unknowns, the masses - there is too much anger, resentment and hate directed at my culture, my colour... I think it is too big a problem to surmount.

Sandy Bigara

Monday, 1 September 2014

RECIPE Sugar-Free Choc-Nut Spread (No Added Sugar)

This is my 4 year old, Kelsey's favourite spread! Tastes similar to Nutella, and would work well with any type of nut butter, if you used Hazelnut butter it would be even similar to Nutella.
Bear in mind that most nut butters have some level of added sugar - for a completely sugar free nut butter use a sugarless nut butter as your base.
I think that this spread would be incredible with Cashew nut butter - you can order some from (amazing!)
Use more or less honey to get the consistency that you like :) xx

Sugar-Free Choc-Nut Spread

1 Tbsp Yum-Yum peanut butter (smoothe or crunchy)
1 Tbsp non-radurised Honey
1/2 tsp cocoa powder

1) Scrape off approx amount of Peanut butter into a ramekin or small cup. (depending on how many sliced of toast you have to cover, generally work on the above recipe for two slices of toast)
2) Add honey and mix until the paste is loose and runny.
3) Add cocoa powder and SLOWLY blend it in using your knife tip.
4) Spread on hot toast or onto fresh bread. This spread would also work well on chocolate muffins, or as frosting on and between layers of a cake. Just make sure that you check that none of your guests have nut allergies.

Enjoy! Xx

Sandy Bigara