Sunday, 17 August 2014

Chicken Pox Treatment

In the pictures you'll see how MILD the pox has been - and I owe it to the treatment we've followed. My older daughter's pox was spreading rapidly until I started the treatment below. Her pox also halted and was much better within half a day.

Incredible, I've treated both of my children (Chicken pox) with HomeoForce Ferr Phos 4 (energy/inflammation/feverish colds) and Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts - Silicea 12 (abscesses/boils/styes) - I've wiped their entire bodies twice daily with surgical spirits followed by a soothing layer of Savlon cream.

From the minute I began this form of treatment it seemed to halt the spread of the pox, the redness and swelling around each existing boil went down, they scabbed over almost within a few hours, stopped itching (a biggie!) and hardly any new ones formed. For pain and itch I gave them Allergex (itching/blocked nose relief/helped with sleep) and Neurofen (for fevers/pain and itching) 3x daily, my 4 year old struggled with a blocked nose on two of the nights so I gave her Actifed syrup, which cleared her nose and helped her have a good sleep.

When I had chicken pox in 2007, I followed the standard Calomine treatment. The result? I itched like crazy, the pox spread hourly and I stank like, Calomine. Two days in, and I couldn't do it anymore - I started with the surgical spirits instead - the pox that I treated with the surgical spirits healed very quickly and left no scars (they would tighten, burst on the second application and seal up nicely with no redness or inflammation. The ones that were still spotted with Calomine left ugly scars behind and took ages to seal up and begin to heal.

Both of my girls have commented that it 'wasn't so bad' having chicken pox - and I can tell you right now - it is because of the treatments I used.

Hope this helps some of you! Xx

Sandy Bigara

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