Thursday, 17 July 2014

Russia Shot Plane Over Ukraine Fact or Fiction?

I'm sure we're experiencing a case of 'broke down telephone' again. There are reports of another Malaysia Airways Boeing crashing (after being shot) - but at the same time, in a less viral way, reports are surfacing of a Jet that has been shot down over Ukraine.

Your thoughts?

Here are the articles:

Malaysia Airways Boeing has crash landed on Ukraine border.May have been shot down.

Fuller write-up: Malaysia Airlines plane crash: 295 killed after Boeing passenger jet 'shot down' in Ukraine.

Is it not possibly this plane:
Ukraine conflict: Russia accused of shooting down jet (posted an hour before I posted this)

Here again, perhaps this is a fighter jet down, and not another Malaysia Airlines Plane:
Ukraine accuses Russia of shooting down fighter jet

Sandy Bigara

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