Monday, 14 July 2014

CSI in South Africa: The Challenges

Ok. So. CSI could never be a real thing in South Africa. Just read the following excerpt from a local newspaper and let me know your thoughts (my comments in brackets)

"Pastor held, body parts found at KZN church
While the remains of Kiki Ntuli had been found in a plastic bag on Saturday, forensic specialists who probed the pastor's yard found more bones on Thursday, said Captain Thulani Zwane.

"The bones have been taken for forensic analysis to verify whether they are those of a human being or not," Zwane said. (?)

The 51-year-old pastor had, however, not been charged. (Although the remains of a small child and other bones/body parts were found with and around this pastor)

Zwane said investigations were ongoing. (That is reassuring to hear Zwane.)

While searching for the rest of Ntuli's body parts on Tuesday, police discovered a skull and skeleton at a woman's house in Ncotshane. (Imagine a skull. And a skeleton., if you will. These were PEOPLE who have FAMILY who LOVE them...)

It was unclear whether those bones were linked to the Ntuli case or whether they were that of a human being. (What did the skull and skeleton look like? it says SKULL and not Skull Fragments, and it says SKELETON and not Bone fragments... I'm at a loss here.)

The bones were taken for forensic testing. (Thank. god.)

Angry residents went on the rampage on Tuesday and torched the pastor's church and woman's house. (Cheerio crime scene! No more testing and possible justice for you!)

Fifteen people were arrested for violence (the burning of the crime scenes) and were scheduled to appear before the Ncotshane Magistrate's Court on Thursday. (Ok...)

The court was, however, petrol bombed (by friends of the burners of the crime scene, because, lawlessness) on Wednesday night. (Of course it was, because, vigilantism)

The group (who burned the Crime Scenes, or the group who mutilated the bodies?) finally appeared in the Pongola Magistrate's Court on Friday, where they were released on a warning. ("You were naughty to burn the crime scene/s and/or kill these nice people and your friends were naughty to bomb the courthouse! Now go home and think about that! Naughty!")

(What in theeee hell is going on in this world. 
I just cant. Even. Just can't )

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