Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Recipe Cajun Blackened Chicken on Salad Bed

Cajun Blackened Chicken on Salad Bed
Sandy Bigara 

2 Chicken Breasts butterfly-cut and tenderised 
Cajun Spices
Salt to taste

Fenugreek Sprouts
Spring Onion
Greek Pesto (Basil/Feta/Rocket/Olive)

1 Carrot
1/4 Cucumber
1/2 round of Feta

Olive Oil

1) Fry up fenugreek sprouts and spring onion with a table spoon of Greek pesto in a little Olive oil. Take the hot garnish out of your frying pan and place in a small Ramekin to steam. 
2) Dust your butterfly chicken in Cajun Spices, salt and drizzle with olive oil. Fry on high heat until blackened on either side.
3) Place washed rocket onto the serving dish, and using a shredder/peeler shred the cucumber and carrot and place onto serving dishes. 
3) Place Chicken on the bed of Salad, smear a tablespoon of Peppadew Pesto over the chicken, and spoon the hot garnish on top of that. Crumble a small amount of Feta on top and Serve immediately. 

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