Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Recipe Cajun Blackened Chicken on Salad Bed

Cajun Blackened Chicken on Salad Bed
Sandy Bigara 

2 Chicken Breasts butterfly-cut and tenderised 
Cajun Spices
Salt to taste

Fenugreek Sprouts
Spring Onion
Greek Pesto (Basil/Feta/Rocket/Olive)

1 Carrot
1/4 Cucumber
1/2 round of Feta

Olive Oil

1) Fry up fenugreek sprouts and spring onion with a table spoon of Greek pesto in a little Olive oil. Take the hot garnish out of your frying pan and place in a small Ramekin to steam. 
2) Dust your butterfly chicken in Cajun Spices, salt and drizzle with olive oil. Fry on high heat until blackened on either side.
3) Place washed rocket onto the serving dish, and using a shredder/peeler shred the cucumber and carrot and place onto serving dishes. 
3) Place Chicken on the bed of Salad, smear a tablespoon of Peppadew Pesto over the chicken, and spoon the hot garnish on top of that. Crumble a small amount of Feta on top and Serve immediately. 

Recipe Butternut Soup & Home Made Flat Bread

Butternut Soup & Home Made Flat Bread
Sandy Bigara

Butternut Soup
2 Butternuts cut into 3- 5cm cubes, but with skin still on them
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 cup Fresh Cream
1/4 cup Fresh Milk
1 Tbsp Sugar

1) Cut up the butternut and boil in salty water (leave the skin on but wash them first!) 
2) When the Butternut is cooked, (soft enough for a knife to slide through) blend the soup with a Kenwood hand held mixer. I used the Baby Mu-lee adapter and then the smoothie adapter for a finer soup. 
3) Add Cream, Milk, Cinnamon and Salt to the pureed soup - add more milk to make it thinner if required.
4) Serve! 

Home Made Flat Bread
250g Self Raising Flour
1/4 pack of yeast
1 tsp Sugar
1/5 tsp Salt
1 Egg
1 Tbsp Pesto (I used the GREEK Pesto from EverFresh)
Splash of milk
handful of baby tomatos cut in half
1/4 round of Feta
palmful of Cheddar grated
(Cheddar for the top if you like a nice cheesy topping to your flat bread)

1) Put Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Salt Pesto and Cheddar into a deep mixing bowl and mix well. 
2) Add Egg and mix, add milk and mix manually until the dough forms a round ball that can be shaped. You may need to dust it with a little flour because it sticks to your hands. 
3) Turn it out onto a sheet lined with baking paper and press it out into a flat bread shape (we had an oval shape) keep it about 1cm thick. 
4) Crumble feta over the top, press the tomato halves all around the edge and place some in the middle. 
5) Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes and then add a sprinkle of cheddar to the top and grill for another 3 - 5 mins. Just keep an eye on it!

Serve hot soup and steaming hot bread together... 

Recipe Fresh Strawberries & Cream Mousse

Fresh Strawberries & Cream Mousse
Sandy Bigara

1 tub Bulgarian yogurt
1 ramekin of fresh cream - whipped until stiff peak - set aside.
6 frozen strawberries - stalks removed.
2 teaspoons sweetener (I used Xylitol)
100's & 1000's

Liquidise yogurt, sweetener and strawberries until smooth. Fold in whipped cream. Spoon the mousse into ramekins (makes 4) and top with 100' & 100's (or any cake toppers)

Please note: The Photograph is not my own, but most closely resembled what I made. The photo comes from a blog with Tonnes of gorgeous recipes! Please click on the following link and visit HEALTHY RECIPES BLOGS for more recipes and tips for healthy cooking :)  

Recipe Mediterranean Inspired Roti

Mediterranean Inspired Roti
Sandy Bigara

2 tablespoons Everfresh's Greek/Basil pesto
1 large leek chopped
1/2 Head broccoli
1 small onion
1 ramekin full raw shoots
1 small potato - mashed

Roti (or a thicker pancake)

Crumbled Feta

1) Fry up onion, leek, broccoli and shoots in a small pot with a dash of olive oil. Add pesto when the veg looks softer.
2) In a separate pot cook the potato and mash it. Add the mash to the veg pot.
3) Smear 1 tablespoon of hummus onto a warm roti, top with hot veg, followed by fresh crisp rocket salad, crumble feta over the rocket and serve.
The taste will be warm, rich and flavourful thanks to the gorgeous pesto (you can use whichever pesto you love - just be generous!) Our two small children gobbled theirs up with lots of 'yummy' and 'wow nice!' comments from them. All in all, a nice tasty vegetarian option - and also a non-curry roti option for those who do not enjoy hot spicy foods. I will make this again!