Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Barefoot Music Festival And My Latest Track

I'll be performing tomorrow at the SPCA PMB Barefoot Music Festival - try to pull in if you can! There will be some amazing performers and I will be on at 11am xx The aim is to raise fund for our furry friends and make some epic music as well! 

To hear my latest offering on Soundcloud, a golden-oldie romantic 'jazzy' number - click HERE :) 

To see the poster and information for the SPCA PMB Barefoot Music Festival, click HERE

09.00 - 09.30      Di Veness

09.40 - 10.10      Summer du Preez

10.20 - 10.50      Gareth Mare

11.00 - 11.30      Sandy Bigara

11.40 - 12.10      Quinton Tarr

12.20 - 12.50      Byron Love

01.00 - 01.30      Marcelles Raman

01.40 - 02.10      New artist

02.20 - 02.50      Super Llama

03.00 - 03.30      Undivided Roots (or Steve Fataar)

03:30 - onwards  Steve Fataar, FireTree...

Have a safe Saturday night and  a wonderful Sunday everyone! 

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