Saturday, 24 May 2014

South African Doctors To Be Told Where To Work

"President Jacob Zuma has quietly signed into law sections of the National Health Act that can prevent doctors and other health professionals opening private practices where they choose to."

"There are about 70000 dieticians, specialists, GPs, physiotherapists and occupational therapists who would all need certificates to open a new practice in private. The department is not geared for this kind of [action]." As of April 2016, any Health Professional without a 'certificate of need' will face up to 5 years in prison."

So, being the end of May, there are roughly 22 months to go.
70,000 people will need certificates in that time.
That equals 3182 approvals per month.
With 20 working days per month that would be 159.1 certificate approvals per day.

Does anyone think that the Health department can do this? Can they actually do this in time? Or will there be a mass exodus of Health Professionals leaving South Africa?

I foresee chaos. I do believe that young Doctors will leave this country, I also believe that it will deter young learners from following a career in medicine. It affects family practices. There will be bribery and corruption as Doctors with financial backing... will be 'certified' to work from more affluent areas... 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that Government see's the error here and rectifies it by amending this law. I think their sentiment is alright, but this is most definitely not the way forward. 

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