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Zuma: ANC will continue to run this government forever and ever

(Stefanie) Zuma: ANC will continue to run this government forever and ever

8 January 2014 14:09

President Jacob Zuma sings Umshini Wam at the end of his speech in the Mpumalanga township of Kanyamazane on Wednesday (January 8 2014)

President Jacob Zuma says those who think the ANC will lose votes this year are dreaming.

Zuma said the ANC would continue running the country despite what the party's detractors were saying.

There is speculation that the ANC could lose its electoral support if Zuma remained at its helm.

"We want every vote. We will continue to run this government forever and ever. Whether they like it or not," he told ANC supporters in isiZulu.

Zuma was speaking in the Mpumalanga township of Kanyamazane where the party had organised an impromptu door-to-door campaign to mark its 102nd birthday.

He said the party wanted every vote and suggested it should get more than 90% in Mpumalanga where its support stands at about 80%. He promised to return to slaughter cattle in celebration only if the ANC got more than 90% in the province.

"We are doing something unusual. After 20 years in power, liberation movements tend to falter. We are stronger than before. We will continue. We will continue running this government forever and ever. Whether they like it or not," Zuma said

"There are those who say the ANC will not win because people no longer love it. We are going to hammer them. They are dreaming while they are awake. When a person dreams while they walk it means they are unwell," he said.

The ANC will launch its election manifesto at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit on Saturday, officially kicking off its 2014 election campaign.

Zuma said the party was not ashamed of its performance record as it had worked hard over the past 20 years to improve the lives of people.

"Did you see how well the children [matrics] passed? We work hard. Do you know what caused that? We saw that education needed a foundation. We built it and it will never be weak again.

"There are some people who say something has not gone right. There was something wrong with the papers. Our children are smart, they were born in the freedom era.

"They used to say a black person will never pass well. I heard a white person saying 'There should be an investigation, they can't pass like this.' They are still suffering from that old thing … that a black person is not smart," he said in an apparent reference to DA leader Helen Zille's call for a probe into the latest matric results.

He said the manifesto would outline what the ANC would do in power going forward.

Zuma said he was surprised that some people who did not fight for freedom were now talking a lot now that the country was free. He said they were free to do so as people no longer faced arrest or death for speaking out.

He suggested that people should ignore the small parties that were lobbying for their votes, saying that they would never win the elections.

"When you vote for them, you are throwing your vote," he said.

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