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Just Yours Meet The Cast - WWII Romance at the Catalina!

Just Yours
"For I was born to be, just yours..." 
Directed by Sandy Bigara

At The Catalina Theatre, 18 Boatman’s Way, Wilson’s Wharf – Entrance #2
(Off Victoria Embankment)

BOOKINGS: or, simply call the theatre: 0318375999

Played by: Chanel Julie-Anne Meager Actress - Durban

Ada is very young and naïve, she is staying with her Mother’s friend Florence, in her quarters at the Marine Hotel (now demolished) on the corner of Gardiner and Victoria Embankment (near the theatre) Ada is very sweet and is interested in Danny, but she has no experience with men and is sometimes shocked by the boys rude and loud behaviour. She is also encouraged to stay away from Danny by Florence who lost her one true love in WWI. Must she deny Florence and follow her heart?

Played by: Arno Wagenaar Actor - Durban

Danny is like a boy at the start of the play, but is a grown man by the parting scene. 
He is friends with Barney – and their jovial antics bring humour to the show. As he becomes closer to Ada he matures, until he receives his letter for duty to St Lucia. He falls head over heels in love... and doesn't know what to do about it...

Played by: Christiaan du Plessis  Actor - Durban

Barney is funny, silly and gets Daniel into trouble with Ada because of their banter and humour. Barney is a true romantic under all of the bravado, and he plays a role in helping his friend find love.

Played by: Sandy Bigara Director / Producer / Actress - South Africa

Florence is in her 40’s and works at The Marine Hotel – doing a little bit of everything. She cooks, cleans, and even performs in the Marine Lounge at night. She is a lost romantic whose true love Billy died in the First World War when they were both 18. She never married or fell in love again. She lives and loves - through her music. Florence feels that the two lovebirds should not be together - as it is too risky with the war going on... She interferes... with disastrous consequences...

An innocent young lady, Ada May Green, arrives in Durban. It is 1943 and WWII is raging. She tries to find her place in the big city, looking for work while staying with her godmother Florence, the assistant and lounge singer at the Marine Hotel. Ada meets a handsome stranger called Daniel and the sparks fly...they can`t stand each other! Over the next few days their love grows until it is too powerful to deny, until a war-weary Florence tears them apart. Will their love endure? All before Danny is deployed to Europe, or to the 262 Squadron RAF St Lucia to fly surveillance missions in the PBY5 Catalina airplanes. 
Set in Durban and filled with the haunting love songs of the 40s `Auf Wiedersehen`, `If I loved you`, `Just yours` and incorporating a beautiful set, stylish clothes from the era and live piano, this gripping historically-based love story is set on the brink of a life changing event.

With Sandy Bigara’s familiar style of humour, this show is filled with funny and heart warming moments. Audiences will be taken back in time for a “flight of fantasy” set in familiar surroundings. This historical love story takes place in Durban, in the February of 1943, in the exact spot that the audience are sitting in 2014, 71 years later…

R100 - Show ONLY
R160 - Show & Dinner

February 2014
Thurs 6th, 13th, 20th - 7pm
Fri 7th, 14th, 21st - 7pm
Sat 8th, 15th, 22nd - 2pm and 7pm

Dinner will be at John Dory's, and will be available BEFORE the show on Thursday, and BEFORE and AFTER the show on Friday and Saturday.
John Dory's is 20m from the theatre.

  • 200gr Steak
  • Hake & Prawns - 2 pieces hake and 6 prawns
  • Hake & Calamari - 2 pieces of hake and 125gr calamari
  • Grilled Chicken Breast - 2 chicken breasts grilled with lemon & herb, peri-peri or bbq
All meals served with rice or chips, or veg, or salad.

Vegetarians: Please speak with the Manager.

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