Friday, 26 December 2014

HEALTH: Sulphite Sensitivity (since this article was written, sulfites have been banned on salad bars, but food manufacturers use sulfites on many foods, and some foods have naturally occurring sulfites).

I have been semi-concious the entire week, and missed christmas due to this nonsense :( awful.


Sandy Bigara

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

RECIPE: Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcakes

Based on my hard-to-flop recipe, these cupcakes were delish! 

Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcakes – Sandy Bigara

The Chocolate Cake
3 eggs (160gr)
160gr Self Raising Flour
160gr Brown Sugar
100ml Cocoa Powder
160gr Margarine / Butter (melted in the microwave until runny – does not have to be cooled down)
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

The “Cappuccino”
1 Tablespoon Jacobs Kroning Coffee Powder (and a dash of boiling water to break down the granules)
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Essence
100ml Fresh Cream

The Icing
I tub Pilsbury Chocolate Icing

1. Preheat oven to 180C.
2. In a small cup, mix your “Cappuccino” ingredients together and set aside.
3. In a nice mixing bowl, add S/R flour, sugar, and cocoa powder. Stir lightly to blend the ingredients.
4. Add melted runny margarine, eggs and “Cappuccino”
5. Using an electric mixer to hand held whisk – whip up the ingredients to incorporate air into the mix.
6. Add baking powder – whisk again to blend it in and place immediately into the oven.
7. Bake for 20 minutes, remove from the oven and place cupcakes on a rack to cool.
8. Ice and serve.
Adding Baking Powder just before you put the mix in the oven - gives your cupcakes lift.  

I found some cute cupcake holders in the drawer... cute!

I decided to do a simple chocolate swirl, the tops of the cakes looks so yummy I didn't want to hide them!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss WINS Miss WORLD!

Congratulations to our very own Rolene Strauss who has just won the title of MISS WORLD! 

MANILA, Philippines – Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss, 22, won the title of Miss World 2014, taking the reins from Miss World 2013, the Philippines' own Megan Young.


Combining her two passions, she says: “Miss South Africa is all about giving. One of the greatest gifts anyone can receive is the gift of a healthy life. With my passion for giving, people and health, I will be able to contribute to one of the most important things any country desires: health for all.”
Rolene finds inspiration from Professor Jonathan Jansen, the rector of the University of the Free State. “He is not afraid to stand for what he believes in, he loves what he does and gives of himself to his students. I can testify that he wants the best for his students and supports them in all they do. We can all learn from Prof Jansen. Love what you do, stay humble and let the light shine on others.”

Originally from Mpumalanga, Rolene is currently living in Bloemfontein, studying medicine at the University of the Free State.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

MISSING: Kimberly Anderson, Toti, KZN

Tuesday 9th December 20:30 UPDATE 

Kimberly has been found. 

A message regarding missing people: "Pls parents need to go to nearest SAPS and open a case. A Form 55 needs to be filed in and emailed to for us to assist. When a case is opened an alert will also be put out for her vehicle by SAPS"

Tues 9th December 9am

Please Help Urgent! Has anyone seen this girl: Kimberly Anderson?

She was last seen last-night (08/12/2014) at Lords and Legends Toti with her friends at 21:30pm and has not been seen or heard from since.

Please, if you have any info please contact 074 129 7717 urgently.

She was driving a silver Peugeot 101.

Please share and circulate.
Megan Candey shared the link above, on facebook.


Sandy Bigara

Friday, 5 December 2014


So today, without warning and not according to the schedule, the Catalina Theatre was plunged into darkness 15min before The Princess & the Frog was due to begin.
And, so, we improvised. I informed the audience that, if they were willing to have fun with us, we would go on with the show regardless. 

We opened the theatre door curtains to let in as much sunlight as possible, moved the set forward to catch the light.

I dressed as a fairy - and stood to the side reading the narration, I sang the dance songs, while Sboniso Alex Msimango (dressed as a fairy as well) played drums.
A HUGE well done to the cast for a beautiful performance!! The audience enjoyed every moment as did I.
Well done my darlings, Eskom didn't win this time!!

REVIEW: Salt Coffee Shop Chakas Rock Beach Ballito

On Saturday the Husband Francis and I went to a little cafe in Chaka's Rock on Ocean dr.
I loved the blue/white colour scheme and hand painted signage at Salt. The white wattle pole ceiling was lovely to look at...

 and their Cappuccino and Rooibos Cappuccino's were divine! (Rooibos Cappuccino was so incredible I'd go all the way there from Durban again just to have another one)

We ordered the Tikka Chicken pizza with coriander and spicy peppers - when the pizza arrived 'with a flourish' I was impressed with the presentation and colour, however, the pizza was definitely not 'tikka' it tasted like simple tomato paste, no salt (we were provided with himalayan salt to use) and loads of fresh coriander, the 'spicy' peppers were sweet and not spicy. The pizza was bland but the base was crisp and we were pleasantly full afterwards even though we shared. I would have preferred a 'tikka' chicken to have more... Tikka? More bite. But overall a very nice venue.

The managed/owner was very friendly and had a lovely chat with the Husband after our meal. The location is on a busy 3 way stop, so you sit and watch the world go by, I enjoyed watching people going about their lives.

Coffee Shop | Pastries & Croissants | Pizza | Toasted Sandwiches & Paninis.

PIZZA 12:30 - 19:30 | Wed ~ Sun
FOCACCIA...............Olive Oil, Garlic and or Mozzarella
MARGARITA............Cheese & Tomato
HAWAIIAN................Ham & Pineapple
REGINA....................Ham & Mushroom
VEGETARIAN...........Roasted Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic & Feta
TROPICAL BACON..Bacon, Mushroom, Garlic & Pineapple
SALAMI....................Salami, Roasted Peppers & Chilli
MEXICAN.................Red Onion, Roasted Peppers, Jalapeno & Mince
TANDORI.................Red Onion, Spicy Peppers, Tandoori Chicken & Coriander
QUATTRO................Artichokes, Salami, Mushrooms & Olives
SICILIANA................Anchovies, Capers & Olives
TRIO FORMAGGIO.Mozzarella, Feta & Blue Cheese
SPICY MEAT............Tandoori, Salami, Ham & Bacon
BBQ MEAT FEAST...Salami, Mince, Bacon, Ham & BBQ Basting
BACON & AVO..........Bacon, Avo & Feta

Physical Address
13 Ocean Drive
Chakas Rock Beach

Chakas Rock the corner of Ocean Drive & Chakas Rock Main Road.


Sandy Bigara

Monday, 24 November 2014

FREE MP3: isiZulu Love Song 'Uthando Lwakho' Available for Download NOW

The song Uthando Lwakho was written by myself in the latter part of 2014, I had assistance from close friends with pronunciation. I was inspired to write this song for my friend Toya D who lost her mother when she was young, she wrote a song for her mother which allowed me a chance to really grieve some of the losses I've experienced in my life. 

This song was also one of the main thematic pieces in "7 inch Stilettos" by Thabiso Radebe and played a role in generating emotion during the show when his mother passes away. 

The song speaks of broken love, love that cannot be.

This is the Feedback that i have had from the initial hearing:

Thabiso Radebe
Actor | Director | Playwright
" This song is very emotional. I feel that it draws so much depth, and touches ones emotions, it talks about the love that each one of us wants to experience. That love which lasts forever... but at the same time it questions whether that love could exist... It is an amazing song and I'd rate it '5 out of 5' since it's a unique Zulu love song, amazing Sandy."
Star rating: 5 out of 5

Kyleigh Lazarus
Radio DJ | Style Guru
"Beautifully composed song... and I give it a 5 star rating. Maybe because of my loss, and the way I felt whilst listening to it. Very, very moving Sandy. You're incredibly talented. So 5 star it is!"
Star rating: 5 out of 5

Sandy Nene
Celebrity Blogger | Durban Journo | Lifestyle & Fashion Guru
"I was impressed that you know how to sing in isizulu. It is important now that artists learn to come out of their comfort zones in order to reach a larger audience. Looking forward to the rest of your albums. You are a talented musician."
Star rating: 5 out of 5

Lucky Malinga
Singer | Young Mbazo Member
"Tjo my friend this song is a hit! I love it - 100 out of 100. I love it so much, that I put you at #1 on the charts!"
Star rating: 5 out of 5

Claire Winstanley
Actress | TV host Expresso Morning Show SABC3
Wow... That just made my trip home from work ! It's somehow manages to be powerful and comforting at the same time... Like a big hug - my kind of love song! Happily a 4 (Only saying 4 because u just said u still need to tweak it - need to leave room for improvement)
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Katelyn Williams
Expresso Morning Show SABC3 | Food Blogger The Kate Tin
"Sandy this is hauntingly beautiful!  I obviously give it 5. This song is brimming with a depth and emotion that transcends any language barrier. Goosebumps stuff!"
Star rating: 5 out of 5

Steve Fataar
Singer | Guitarist | Member of The Flames
"Remember... I'm biased

The Lyrics: 

Uthando Lwakho, 
Uthando Lwami,
Uthando Lwethu... 
Ngiphakamisele phezulu 
kuze kukhanyi 
llanga… Llanga... llanga…

Link for FREE mp3 Download:

FREE MP3: Download my NEW Single "Forever" NOW!

This is my newly mastered single "Forever" also called Per Sempre, it was only fully completed this last week.

In 2008 I lost a baby via miscarriage on Christmas day, I named her "Heart" and wrote a poem about her, I did not know I was pregnant when we lost her. 

In 2013 I started to play around with a song about loss, and Forever happened. I was pregnant at the time with my son Samuel when I recorded the music for the song in December 2013. I recorded preliminary vocals for reference. 

In early February of 2014, a week before my 1940's historical theatre musical opened, I lost Samuel at 15 weeks pregnant. Recording this song helped us to grieve, my children 4 and 6 have sung it on and off all year - in the beginning it was painful to perform it live, but as time has progressed it is easier and easier. 

In November of 2014 the previous version of this song was one of the major thematic pieces in "7 Inch Heels" by Thabiso Radebe at the Catalina Theatre, a play about loss. 

I have shared it with very few people and the response has been the same: emotion and shared experiences.

Here are the lyrics:

Forever / Per Sempre
Copyright © Sandy Bigara

Softly moving… hiding deep within me.
Lost in time, this dream is fading out again…
Life has a way of taking those who should remain…
Father find a way! This dream is fading out again!                      
Heart you left us!
Cuore si’so-no anda-ti,
Resta’con me’il mio’a-more!
Tu’sei vivo nel mi-o cu-ore!
Heart you left us…                   
Heart you left us…
Heart you left us!
Cuore si’so-no anda-ti,
Resta’con me’il mio’a-more!
Tu’sei vivo nel mi-o cu-ore!
…Per sempre…                  

[Ending / Italian Translation]
Heart you have gone
Stay with me my love
You are alive in my heart - Forever!      X2

And the link for free download: 

CRAFT KIDS: Make a Lasting Memory for Christmas!

My 6 year old daughter sketched a Reindeer last night, and after scanning the image into my PC I had an idea for our tired looking front window.

We spent about 3 hours doing this.

You'll need:
A4 white paper for printing the images
Santa and a sleigh
Get your kid/kids to draw a Reindeer each (even if they are funny looking) scan and copy the number of reindeer that you need. Make sure to mirror flip the ones that will flay 'backwards' in the zig zag.
One A4 piece of coloured paper per reindeer x number of reindeer.
One A4 piece of coloured cardboard for the back layer x number of reindeer
Sticky tape
Wool / 2m shoe lace / string

The process:
Create 'characters' by adding hair styles etc to each reindeer,
Colour in the pictures using roll-ups,
Glue the highlights and add glitter,
Cut out.
Stick onto the coloured paper and cut out again leaving a bubble border.
Stick onto the coloured cardboard and cut out again leaving another colour bubble layer.
Thread wool/string etc through the reindeer, criss crossing through a small puncture near the chest. Use sticky tape to fasten the 'reins' correctly.
Then, using sticky tape, adhere to window.


Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 22 November 2014

THEATRE REVIEW: There!Lays Ubuntu at The Catalina Theatre by Musa Ntuli

I had the absolute privilege of doing photography for There!Lays Ubuntu Written and Directed by Musa Ntuli performed courtesy of Sakhiwo Arts & Skills Development Centre last weekend.

I was expecting something sad, thought provoking… but I wasn’t prepared for the feast that would be laid before us as an audience, original music sung in traditional African style, accompanied by keyboard and drums. I would have preferred to see the musicians on a more elevated and lit up stage area – their part in the play was also important.

 The choreography was not simple by any means, the passion and zeal of the cast was palpable, they were enjoying, truly enjoying the experience on stage. They were 100% behind the message that they were sharing – a rare thing to ‘feel’ emanating from the stage. Lighting design was by freelance Lighting and Sound Technician Mancane, and I felt that the lighting supported each scene visually (even though I leaned on the spot light and got moaned at! Thankfully it wasn’t on at the time!!)

To see such a full and robust cast was refreshing – the lead characters were realistically portrayed with no hysterics or TV acting, real gritty emotion displayed in real life situations.

One of the lead actors really stood out to me, Monde Zondi who plays the role of Skuva a young gangster with a sad and troubled past. Besides being an exceptionally beautiful human (hunk!) he was passionate in his portrayal and is definitely someone to watch out for!

The plot unfolds throughout the play, with unanswered questions clarified by the last scene, with the central plot similar to a traditional Shakespearean tragedy – the final death scene left me quiet and with a feeling of depth.

In this play, we see Death personalized as a character, and how he infiltrates peoples lives within a community, in the context of Ubuntu.

In Short
Show: There!Lays Ubuntu
Where:Catalina Theatre
Date: 14-23 November 2014
Times: 7pm daily and 3pm Matinee on the Sundays.
Tickets: Available at all Checkers or Shoprite stores in KZN, or online click HERE.

Price: R80pp (Spur and John Dory meal options on computicket)
Brought to you by Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre 

Monday, 17 November 2014

MARKET: Hingham Nursery Christmas Market

Hingham Nursery 
Christmas Market
28th November
8am till 6pm
Free Entry
(Top of Clematis grv, off Rinaldo, which is off Umhlanga Rocks 
Drive at the top, or Chris Hani/North Coast rd at the bottom.)

**generous portions**
**kids playground**
**pet friendly**
**wheelchair friendly**

What a wonderful way to start your weekend... :)

There will be lots of Christmas goodies to buy from the Hingham decor shop, as gifts, or to spoil yourself!

Classy Candles and Function decor hire will be displaying clever idea's on how to decorate your christmas table and there will be some beautiful christmas decorations for sale.

The Tea Garden will run as normal until sunset, and as an addition: we will be selling our famous salad dressing, onion marmalade, biscuits etc.

Bring the whole family, and come and have some fun at Hinghams!

Please share to help us make this a successful event.

Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

ACTIVISM: Save Newmarket Stables, FleaMarket, Berea Rovers Rugby Club, and Cyril Geoghan Cycling Stadium

Join Save Newmarket Stables on Facebook and become involved in saving this venue and the other TWO clubs that will be affected. 

Newmarket Stables is over 95 yeas old and could indeed be as old as Greyville Race Course- 1897. 

Funds from the LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, ETHEKWINI and HOY PARK are being used to close down Berea Rugby Club, a major contributory club to the KZN Sharks Rugby Team. Close down the NEWMARKET STABLES AND RIDING SCHOOL, a non-profit organisation and a heritage site, with over 100 years of history, catering to disabled riders and able bodied riders making is affordable for Durban and surrounding areas chilsdren to learn ride. 

We have over 90 children a week that come to the facility to learn to ride. This is the only facility in the Durban area. It is also the training centre for the Kwa-zulu Natal Pony club (affiliated to the British Pony Club) and it is also a venue for training and development shows including the South African Schools Equestrian Association which is a development organisation for Juniors, young riders and Pony Riders. 

Approximately 11 horses may need to be euthanized to make way for LIVERPOOLS SCORER PLAN, and more than 40 horse will be required to be sold, moved or euthanized. 

More than 15 black males will lose their jobs, some of which have worked for the Centre for more than 40 years. 

The Cyril Geoghan Cycling Stadium, a legacy and property, left to the municipality for the exclusive use of cycling / equestrian shows, will be ignored despite the intentions of Mr Cyril Geoghan (deceased). 

All this despite the fact that the NEW MOSES MABHIDA stadium, with all the required facilities and more, is 500m away and is barely used – this begs the question, were is the money really going? Whilst Liverpool pumps funds into a local municipality in order for them to, without discussion, investigation, consultation, unilaterally close three clubs of various sporting activities FOR SOCCER. 

Furthermore, the Metro Police mounted unit, based at the Newmarket Stables, will also be closed down (and the Friesian horses they use, moved no doubt out of the greater Durban). This unit patrols the greater Durban and surrounding areas were vehicle have limited and no access like our beaches and is much needed in a country where the crime rate is so high. 

Nelson Mandela said: "Sport has the power to change the world…it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers." So why now does some sport have more power than others...

Friday, 7 November 2014

PERFORMANCE: Sandy Bigara at Hinghams Nursery Tea Garden this Sunday


Sandy Bigara - - will be conducting her monthly performance at Hingham Nursery Tea Garden (top of Clematis Grove, off Rinaldo rd, which is off Umhlanga Rocks Drive at the top, or Chris Hani rd at the bottom near N2 to Gateway)

Sandy's CD "A Night To Remember" will be on sale for R100.
In the spirit of #‎LoveYourBusker‬ please don't forget to bring cash tips for your performer and any bags of small dog or cat pellets for the Healthy Mongoose Feeding Program.
Booking is essential. To book your table either under the thatched boma or in the playground area, call Danielle Venter 0768123886.

Email if you have any special requests
(This charming #‎Durban‬ restaurant has a #‎playground‬, lots of shaded seating, has #‎wheelchair‬ access and wheelchair friendly toilets, the venue is also #‎PetFriendly‬)

The Taste Detectives
Sunday Tribune
The Durban Journo

Sandy will be performing new songs this Sunday... Honouring those who fell in WWII - hit songs of Vera Lynn, Doris Day, Nina Simone, Dinah Shore, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn... Such as My Funny Valentine, Stormy Weather, I loves you Porgy, Cry me a River, Misty, Bewitched, Let's face the Music and Dance, Don't eat the Daisies, Que Cera Cera, and some of her original love songs as well, there may be some classical songs too. :)


Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 6 November 2014

POLITICS: Death of KZN Councillor Ken Denysschen

Democratic Alliance media statement by: Sizwe Mchunu, MPL – DA KZN Leader, Greg Krumbock MP – DA Mooi Umgeni Constituency MP

7 November 2014
Release: Immediate

The Democratic Alliance is devastated by the tragic and needless death of one of its most beloved public representatives, Councillor Ken Denysschen. Councillor Denysschen was electrocuted while erecting posters ahead of the Mpofana elections scheduled for 26 November.

Ken Denysschen was a councillor in the Mpofana Municipality where he had served with distinction since his election in 2011. He was a very rare person indeed, someone who had a great love of life and infected everyone he met with his boundless enthusiasm and bright hope for the future.

He was a virtual icon in the North Midlands area, being utterly dedicated to the community and getting to know scores of residents through his unrelenting service in the Mpofana Ratepayers and Residents Association, support of community associations and more recently as a councillor.

Attending a public meeting or information table with him was a humbling experience, as he seemed to know every single person there and they, in turn, had the utmost respect and appreciation for Ken's never-ending efforts on their behalf.

As a public representative, Ken Denysschen fought a brave battle as the lone DA councillor in Mpofana trying to root out corruption and improve service delivery. He was just beginning to achieve a measure of success when his cruel death cut short his work.

The heartfelt condolences and empathy of the DA in KZN, and nationally, go out to Councillor Denysschen's close family, his two sons and daughter, who we will visit today. May God be with you and comfort you in this very difficult time.

Sandy Bigara

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

FAMILY: Teaching about Consequence - Tidy vs Untidy

My children, 6.5 and 4, use our lounge as a play area. My home office is there and they have always played near to me.

They play incredible games, very involved, and very messy. They turn the lounge into so many amazing places for adventures together - I love listening to them giggle, talking in 'american' accents and having a ball.

The outcome each time this year has been a lounge that is DESTROYED. And ME cleaning it :/ we have no Domestic Assistance and my Husband and I share the workload.

So this weekend I watched them thoroughly mess the lounge. Before I would have felt defeated and sad, moaning about the mess. This time however, I spoke to them gently and said "Whatever you do, you must undo later. The lounge will be neat by the time you go to bed." And they agreed - messing even more.

I then marshaled them for almost an hour while they tidied the room - I assisted in folding blankets with them, and guiding them when they had a little tiff etc. Kel 4 struggled, but I watched how Savanna stepped in and encouraged her sister to help by working alongside her. By the end of the hour they were very proud of the neat room. I had to take photos of them. They were that proud.

Monday - the lounge stayed clean the WHOLE day (a first!!)

Tuesday they started a 'museum' and brought through toys - moving the bigger couch cushions off of the couches and onto the floor - to create different sections of the museum - then they watched a movie and dragged their blankets and bed pillows into the lounge... They also opened a big tub of crayons and koki's, and drew lots of pictures on A4 paper... By 5pm the lounge was beyond destroyed. I couldn't walk straight across it.

I had finally climbed into bed a bit later not feeling so well, so Daddy oversaw the clean-up. I listened to them moving things, packing things away. Lots of giggles as their Daddy lifted them up inside their blankets and carried them to their rooms.

In 30min the lounge was tidy. Not perfect - but very tidy. Each couch even had little decorative cushions on it :)

I'm very keen to see where this leads... Hopefully teaching them to realise that for every action there is a reaction.

What do you do if your kids totally mess up a room or two in your house?


Have a great day xx

Sandy Bigara

Monday, 3 November 2014

THEATRE: There! Lays Ubuntu Sakhiwo Arts at Catalina Theatre Durban

Please Note: This article is written in support of Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre using information found online.

"Nobody is Born Dead, but life gives birth to death"

Brought to you by Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre, catch THERE! LAYS UBUNTU at the Catalina Theatre from 14 November - 23 November, 7pm daily and 3pm Matinee on Sundays. This play is relevant to all communities and will facilitate healthy dialogue regarding morality and cultural changes in modern times.

"Ubuntu is a belief in a universal Bond that connects all humanity"...

A heartfelt and emotional musical, based on the lost or rather dead morals and customs of Ubuntu evident in the lifestyle of the young adults and youth of the modern era. Tickets are R80 per person, and available on COMPUTICKET.

"UBUNTU IS LIFE"...however, looking at the 21st century, Ubuntu is nothing but a statement used to manipulate, to get people to obey,… or shut the fuck up...”

In this play, we see Death personalized as a character, and how he infiltrates peoples lives within a community, in the context of Ubuntu. Musa Ntuli is an award winning actor and director from Durban, South Africa, known for his well scripted and perfectly polished work, Musa is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. He is directly involved in the leadership of the Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre and this fledgling company already has a shining future.

"Morals and customs have died in the race of life. Man is driven by the will to dominate, the will to attain what the world will retain when they die. Man is living so fast… to die hard! As death takes over…" 

The Sakhiwo Team recently walked away with numerous trophies and awards at the Isigcawu Drama Festival! Their hard work and devotion to their craft is inspiring.

In Short
Show: There!Lays Ubuntu
Where: Catalina Theatre
Date: 14-23 November 2014
Times: 7pm daily and 3pm Matinee on the Sundays.
Tickets: Available at all Checkers or Shoprite stores in KZN, or online click HERE.

Price: R80pp
Brought to you by Sakhiwo Arts And Skills Development Centre

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

COMEDY: 31st October 22h00 What Kind? Halloween Edition Comedy Improv Show

Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins and Vampires... Don't forget to head on down to The Catalina Theatre this Friday 31st October at 22h00 for our crazy What Kind? Halloween Edition of our monthly hit improv show.

What Kind? Is our South African version of the long running UK & USA tv series Whose Line Is It Anyway? with Drew Carey, Ryan Stile, Colin Mochrey and Wayne Brady that had us all howling with laughter in the ninety's & noughty's!

Our talented cast of professional actors returns for their fourth consecutive show and belly laughs are guaranteed (the show officially ends at 11:15pm but our cheering audiences have never let us finish before midnight!)

There is a dress-up competition and the best dressed audience member will win a nice prize to take home.

Did we mention that there will be free wine?... No? Well, there will be free wine. You're welcome.

Book your tickets (R80pp) at or at any Checkers or Shoprite store... Or, after a nice dinner at the wharf (if you're brave enough to party in your dress-up!) You can stroll along to the theatre at 9:30pm and buy your tickets at Box Office (next to Zacks)

See you there! #WhatKind

Sandy Bigara

RACISM: Response to a Racists Questionnaire

The following article is In response to a hectic status/comment debate/discussion that started in a positive thought provoking way and, due to a racist jobbie, ended in confusion and offense.  The answers to her list and to ours are exactly the same word every time. 

Googled the answer and got this. Lots of this. (This is a clue)

I worked together with a friend of mine, Nelisa, and we came up with our own set of Questions... in response to a previous set of questions (originally written by the antagonist/protagonist/racist/rebel/activist?) A list of questions that also all had the same answer... at least the questioner thought that they all had the same answer... (I spent some time googling these questions trying to come up with the correct answer to each ... my effort was not well met unfortunately and I was told to hand over my home, job, money etc and leave South Africa to go... where? Dunno, cos I am South African. Passport and all says so... so, yes.) 

Look at them. Smug bastards.

As close friends (Sisters even, if Facebook's 'family' Status is anything to go by) of different colour, race and cultural groups - Nelisa and I have laughed and cried over race issues - working our way forward as friends. Sometimes she helps me to understand the complexities of racial understanding in South Africa, sometimes I get it... and sometimes I get my dear husband to make her awesome coffee, we eat a lot of jelly tots, but I digress. Cheetos as well. Add chocolate to this. And pasta. 

We have found that laughter is the best way forward. Let's see how well you do in our Questionnaire! 

Another clue. You're welcome.

These are the original racist questions to which my friend and I are responding:

1. Who is responsible for deforestation of the rain forests and wild trees
2. Who is responsible for the extinction and death of Wild Animals and Sea Creatures?
3. Who is responsible for the world pollution and man made illnesses.
4. Who is responsible for the wiping out of other races of human beings and the enslavement of others.
5. Who decided that the access to food should be sold and not freely obtained by all human beings on the planet.
6. Which people, no matter where you go on the Planet are always well off and own the majority of everything whether they are Natives of that land or not.

And as I said, the Questioner above, let's call her Sally, believed that each question had the exact same answer

The same answers to all of the questions in our next questionnaire: 

I can't even. 

Anyway, here is our list of Questions: 

1. What colour are most of South Africa's taxi's?
2. Finish the sentence: Clouds are ______.
3. What colour is fresh snow?
4. The non-black sections on a Zebra are ______.
5. The racist establishment in DC that houses the USA President, is called the ______ House. 
6. The colour of refined rice. (Which is also evidence of the power of imperialism)
7. Imperial Mints are ______. (Another sign of Imperialism!! *gasp*)
8. Holy Communion Wafers are usually ______.
9. The name of the rough paint used to paint houses is ______ wash. 
10. Sheep are ______ in colour.
11. A4 Printer paper is usually _______.
12. Finish the sentence: Icing sugar is _______. 
13. What colour sounds like the word "What" ______.
14. Finish the Michael Jackson lyrics: "It's black, it's _______. yeah. yeah. yeah." 
15. Women wait for their 'Knight on a _______ Stallion" 

The blatant racism here is just... shocking. 

Yeah, so, there's that. Anyone can make a list, and make sure that all answers are exactly the same... I do suggest though, before making an accusatory racist list like the first one above, check your facts - wikipedia is great, or if you are a hipster then the Encyclopedia Britannica is surely at your local library - and, good luck with that. 

Anyways.......... I hope that you all have a good day. Make friends with someone who is different to you. Broaden your horizons guys.