Monday, 9 December 2013

Choir of Silent Monks Will Make You Laugh

I loved this :) Worth sharing! CLICK HERE to see these "Silent Monks" performing the 'Hallelujah' :)

Male Voices...

Remember those school/cultural group talent contests back in the day? ...where we would have to think outside of the box, and create insane comedy sketches? 

Female Voices... 
 Do young people/teens even do these sorts of things anymore? I remember laughing till my sides hurt - seeing good friends make absolute fools of themselves... I was blessed to be a part of the KwaZulu Natal Youth Choir and some of the most incredible monologues and skits were created by the members of that cultural group!

I just love this one. As an ex school Drama teacher and current Theatre Director - I love the concept, and from the sounds of the audience it was a success :)  

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