Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mandela Eulogy by a South African

My friend Tamsyn Ellaine Allison wrote this incredibly moving Eulogy:

"Tata. Brother. Peacemaker. Friend.

Father of my heart. Father of my soil. Father of my humanity.

The earth cries out with a single voice once again. The miracle of your life and the dreadful song of your death.

I have not known the texture of your hand, but I have known the call of your spirit across oceans, across hatred, across the land that gave you to us, the land of the broken-hearted.

I have heard your heart beat louder than the voice of revenge, stronger than the blood-soaked soil, softer than the weeping, childless mother. For all of us.
I have been warmed by your smile, strengthened by your humility, emboldened by the lifting of a cup in your hands over a sea of green jerseys saturated with sweat and tears.

You are my sun. I can count the days of my life inside yours. I have never lived a moment outside of your rays. Until now.

You broke open your heart and poured change across an entire world steeped with injustice. You gave us all a benchmark of hope and humanity beyond what we could have ever conceived.

You return to stardust in glory and yet all I can do is mourn.

Celebrating a life lived in service should be a gift of joy, but I am angry and sad and heartbroken.
You are mine. You belong to me. And I want you here always. Not in legacy or spirit esoterica.
In form.

You have my love, my heart, my tears."

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Also, regarding Mandela's death, and our fear.

People of all colours have expressed fear of 'what will come' after Madiba passes... I believe this:

If you see a great example, you follow it. Either by choice or by influence, Madiba was the initial catalyst for change - in South African hearts and minds... I believe that we will be fine. There will be no earth-stopping violent outbreak, or financial crisis, just the steady beat of a country that has survive too much to 'lose it' now. With elections coming up soon, we need to put our shoulder to the grindstone and push forward to the ideals that Madiba extolled.

I love the knowledge that the African people will mourn today with beautiful haunting melodies and song, a loving send off for a great hero.

His legacy will be our continuing on.

Love to all of my FB friends, we are one! Simunye! - Sandy Bigara

Sandy Bigara

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