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Rapunzel 2013/2014 - Meet The Cast!

It is almost time! rehearsals and preparations are in full swing :) the following is a short info burst about the show, followed by a "Meet the Cast" segment :) 


Sandy Bigara xx 

RAPUNZEL will be running at The Catalina Theatre, 18 Boatman’s Way, Wilson’s Wharf from the 2nd December till the 4th January. Shows will be daily at 2pm weekdays and 11am Saturdays. This is traditional Family Theatre fare and will suit ages 2 to 92, there will be a little bit of something for everyone! Following the lines of the original tale written in 1812 by the Brother’s Grimm, Director Sandy Bigara has used her comedy skill to weave a story that is dramatic as well as funny. There will be a prize give-away at each performance, and after the show there will be an opportunity to have a photo with Rapunzel herself! 

Adult: Show for R100
Adult Show + Harbour Boat ride for R145
Adult: Show + Lunch for R160
Adult: Show, Lunch + Boat ride for R205

Child: Show for R80
Child: Show + Harbour Boat ride for R105
Child: Show + Lunch for R130
Child: Show, Lunch + Boat ride for R155

Wilson’s Wharf … Make a day of it! 


Chanel is on Facebook! 
Chanel Meager recently matriculated from Durban Girl's High School, she has been an avid art student from Sherwood in KZN – Chanel has always shown a flair for creativity. Chanel has performed in a variety of school productions, and brings with her a fresh approach as she takes on her biggest role yet. Her goal within this role is to broaden the smiles of her young spectators and bring to life the romance that all fairytales contain, keeping their dreams alive. She is just as excited to be a part of this play, as your young ones are to watch it! Chanel is joining this fun-loving cast to play the lead role of Rapunzel.

Savanna is on Facebook! 
Savanna Bigara is from Durban North and she is almost 6 years old. Savanna is no stranger to showbiz, appearing in her first short film at the age of 3. Savanna performed in her first theatre production in December 2012’s Animal Tails II at The Catalina Theatre performing a number of roles. In February she performed alongside her sister Kelsey, singing in a Valentine show called “Songs of Love”. She has also starred in a Panado Advert for corporate marketing. Savanna has performed at venues around Durban with her Mother Sandy Bigara. Savanna has completed a year of Modelling with Model Dynamics and a year of Ballet with Janet Smith. Her clothing range Savanna Designs debuted this September with 21 ball gowns designed by herself (Sunday Tribune, pg 3, September 8th 2013). This will be her first speaking role as the young Rapunzel.

Ndalo is on Facebook! 
Ndalo Mchunu hails from Pinetown, and has just this year left the corporate world to pursue her passion for theatre and acting! She performed in a children's Literacy programme earlier in the year, where she acted out books - to encourage children to read. Her favourite character was 'Ms Leaky', who was a freaky health teacher in a primary school – “it was lots of fun playing a crazy person!” She is ecstatic to be part of Rapunzel because she absolutely adores children, and making them happy (and getting them to laugh out loud)! Ndalo is a natural talent, a dynamo on stage and grabs young children’s attention with her full bodied and rounded characterizations  She will be playing the role of The Crone Gothel in Rapunzel.

Kim is on Facebook! 
Kim Kandan is a 3rd year drama and performance studies major at Howard Collage UKZN. He comes from New Germany in KZN. His best known production was “Peace Love Recycle” that was on show at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2013. He has focussed mainly on university productions, he has a real love for everything dramatic and artistic. Kim’s enthusiasm is both enchanting and infectious, and he will woo audiences young and old. Kim will be taking on the role of Prince Mortimer in Rapunzel.

Sandy is on Facebook!
Sandy Bigara is Directing, Producing and Writing Rapunzel this year at The Catalina TheatreSandy is a longstanding Performing Artist with a colourful stage history. With a passion for all artistic endeavours, and always being called an “Ideas-man” Sandy brings a personal touch to all of her productions. Sandy sews, paints, designs, glues and creates every piece of set and most of the costumes and props by hand, spending hours painstakingly forming reality from ideas. With a Drama and Music teaching history behind her (6 years in Government and Private schools, followed by Road Shows across KZN, educating over 1 million children) Sandy brings her wealth of experience and sense of humour to her work.
For more information about Sandy Bigara, please visit her website

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