Sunday, 3 November 2013

Firecrackers Diwali and New Year

Sheraine Reddy is Miss P's Mom. Miss P is Autistic and struggles with the loud 'bangs' that come with Diwali/Guy Fawkes/New Years celebrations.

Please share. Not to spread any 'hate' but to encourage awareness and compassion for neighbours and children who don't always understand the 'loud bangs' at all hours day and night for up to SIX weeks after Diwali and New Years have passed.

Raise awareness. Be considerate. Stick to the time schedules set out by local and national government. Internationally 5pm - 10pm are considered the appropriate and respectful times to let off any fireworks - this allows for people to tranquilise their pets and calmly prepare their small children for the often scary bangs, squeals and crashes that accompany these festivals and celebrations.


“Fireworks” - that is goods that intended to be of pyrotechnic effect that are classified low hazard fireworks such as firework showers, fountains, golden rain, lawn lights, pin wheels, sparkles and volcanoes etc.

“Fire Cracker” means small fireworks with entwined fuses used solely as noise makers and not for pyrotechnic effect.

“Nuisance Fireworks” means a fireworks product that produces an effect involving a screech or noise, or is being altered   or misused that has the effect of creating fear or disturbance to residents.  These include fireworks such as air bombs, supersonic bang, sound shells, fountain whistle, screeches etc.

“Family Package”- means outdoor low hazard recreational fireworks.

An interesting quote from a Hindu gentleman:
"Fireworks has no links with Diwali whatsoever. I am an educated Hindu who read scriptures and meditate on a daily basis, so I have some authority on Hinduism. There is no instruction from any God to burn fireworks, so Hindus stop saying this is our culture. Exploding bombs (fireworks/firecrackers) amongst babies, children, animals, birdlife and ordinary human beings is not satvik (divine vibrations)." (He did not name himself and was commenting on a firecracker newspost) 

Worth thinking about xx

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