Thursday, 21 November 2013

DA-run City of Cape Town Delivers for All

DA-run City of Cape Town delivers for all

John Steenhuisen MP
DA Shadow Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

The DA is pleased that the City of Cape Town has made significant strides in creating a safe, well-run, caring and inclusive city of opportunity for all its residents.

In her Mid-Term Review speech yesterday, the Executive Mayor of Cape Town Alderman Patricia De Lille, revealed:
- A 278% increase in the number of toilets provided in informal settlements, from 14 591 in 2006 to around 40 700 in 2013;
- The City has prioritised a massive allocation of resources to improve living conditions in informal settlements, specifically in the provision of electricity, water and sanitation, refuse removal, area cleaning and rodent control.
- The City is funding Eskom to the amount of R190 million to connect over 20 000 households in informal settlements and temporary relocation areas with electricity;
- The City has provided over 37 000 work opportunities created from 228 projects, with more than R60 million paid out in fortnightly wages;
- 27 separate out-dated legacy zoning schemes were integrated into a single Cape Town Zoning Scheme, reducing 1 507 pages of regulation to 185;
- The City has handed 3 710 residents keys to their newly-built units;
- The City has transferred 3 308 title deeds related to historical housing projects, as well as 404 title deeds to Council rental stock transferred to home buyers;
- Moody's International's latest Credit Rating report, released in April 2013, reaffirmed the City's strong credit rating of Aa3, the highest rating a South African municipality can obtain from Moody's;
- The 2012/13 financial year saw the City spending a record R5.78 billion, comprising 92.9% of its budget; and
- The City received its eighth consecutive unqualified audit.

The DA-led City of Cape Town remains the best-run municipality in the country, with the best record of providing basic services and financial relief to the poor - 64% of the City's budget is spent on the provision services to the poor – the most extensive cross-subsidisation in the country.

In the run-up to the 2014 general elections, the DA encourages South Africans to use their votes to elect DA governments where they live.

The DA has demonstrated that with political will and a commitment to clean governance it is possible to ensure that the poor benefit from the delivery of basic services. We want to bring the same to all of South Africa.


PLEASE SHARE THIS and help spread the message of how the DA delivers for all, and wants to deliver improved basic services in government throughout South Africa.

Sandy Bigara

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