Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Trouble With The Interwebs

Ooh eh eh - too much drama online these days. I come onto FB and all I see are snippety comments on local business pages:
"So?... is it some sort of revenue boosting scheme? Huh?"
  People spewing hatred/their own wants and needs -  towards celebrities on their fan pages (deserved or not!)

"Henna Montona is to blame for all this... this... Twerking!"

People using their FB status as a soap box to declare their condemning views on food/sex/religion/work etc etc knowing that if anyone gives them grief they can delete their asses ... 

I go onto international news sites and read the articles there - so many reproduced articles where journos/celebs/politicians are obviously just rehashing news from other sites based on empty information - it's scary!! How can we believe a single word... sigh*

I read heartwarming stories only to scroll down to the comments sections and read the vile nasty words of ill-educated hateful judgmental people from all walks of life... 
I have no words. 

Scares me. 

Makes me want to just disconnect and focus on family and friends who I see daily. 


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