Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sandy Bigara LIVE at Hingham Nursery Tea Garden 6th October 2013

Hi guys! 

The following is the Press Release from the amazing and dedicated team at Hingham Nursery Tea Garden:

"Good morning all,
Please remember that on Sunday the 6th of October the very talented Sandy Bigara 
will be gracing us with her enchanting voice from 12:00 - 14:00!
Those of you who were at the nursery on the 1st of September will remember her, 
especially when she sang 'O mio babbino caro' and got a standing ovation. 
We will also be serving a roast lunch of R50 per person. 
Please call Loura Venter on 0765539691 to reserve your table."

Too sweet! :) 

There is a gorgeous children's play area with tables nearby! 
I love happy customers and I'm really looking forward to playing again, while little "Timon's" (Meercat/ Mongoose) scurry around my keyboard! Only in Africa people! 

"Hold me till the song ends Chancho." 

The food is traditional Sunday roast fair - meaty, tasty and filling. The restaurant is open air, rustic and surrounded by pretty flowers - what more could a girl want for her birthday gig!? My last gig there inspired my most recent tattoo... to see that you will have to ask me in person! 

Beautiful... Am I right? xx

Hope to see you there! It is my birthday weekend (I am another year older on the 7th October!) sob! 

"Like this...except, imagine this as a cheesecake."

 Loura Venter on 0765539691 to reserve your table!

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