Thursday, 10 October 2013

Power Failure Win!

We had a neighbourhood power-failure from last night 22:00 until 16:30pm today... What an amazing day!!

Apparently a car had an alcohol induced fling (ding?) with an electricity pole a bit further up our road. He managed to drive away but left the wires disengaged from the pole...

This morning, I had a sad, heartbroken hour where I believed that a working friend had passed away... After calling/whatsapping and connecting with friends in Capetown, we established that our friend is well and *not* dead (whew!) But, of course, using one's blackberry actively for more than 40minutes renders one battery-dead... And with no electricity, no power, no car and a very steep hill between myself and any form of human life... I was well and truly cut off from the world! Jippee!

By 8:30am all other battery operated electronic equipment had died (batteries are shyte) I managed to send out one last inbox to my friend Sevi - via husband's dying phone - and then that was it!

My girl's played in the garden, Kel spent most of her time hovering around me, sitting on me, periodically bumping my hand while I drew a pony with rainbows coming out of its ass (For Sav who was clipping hedges with daddy's leatherman...) when the sun became to hot we went indoors, and I *actually* rehearsed piano and voice for 2 hours (!!!), read a book to the girls (with all of the Little Mermaid accents) ((Totally rocked Sebastian crab)), played cards with them (3yr old legitimately won almost every game - despite not having listened to the bladdy rules!!) and then after we stuffed our faces with delivered pizza (diet fail) we had a wonderful visit and play-date at The Coffee Corner with Sevi and Amy who are recently back from France!

I came home in such a good mood, prepared dinner and made us a chocolate pudding for pudding (made with carrot, banana and apple puree - but tastes and looks like malva pudding!)

We then jumped into the pool (had a ball playing Marco polo...) Then a hot bath (with loud music pumping!) A quick noddy dvd and snuggle in bed with our girls...

What a divine day! All thanks to a silly bloke who hit an electricity pole ;o)

Sandy Bigara

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