Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dianne Kohler Barnard SAPS Budget Statement - Political

I have placed each point that Dianne makes on a new line, to make googling etc easier. There has to be a point where South Africa says 'enough'

There are many good cops, working hard for their communities... And I salute you men and women who have the right attitude and who follow the law.

"The Marikana Massacre,
Mido Macia,
Andries Tetane,
a court interpreter dragged by the neck,
SAPS members filmed brutally assaulting civilians,
153 SAPS stations without water, electricity, toilets or all three,
SAPS members locked out as leases lapse,
SIU investigations into the two national police days,
Seven multi-million rand contracts currently under investigation,
a failure to reopen the specialised units closed by that disgrace Jackie Selebi,
Felon Jackie Selebi at home in his mansion still owing taxpayers R14-million,
a third appointment of non-police officer as National Police Commissioner,
the failure to de-militarise the SAPS as per the NDP,
32,8% of the budget set aside for contingent liabilities...
R20-billion we expect to pay to civilians raped... beaten... robbed by cops,
R4-billion to consultants,
zero dismissals for the 13,000 lost SAPS firearms,
R96-pa to send cops to South Sudan and Darfur,
the multi-million rand AVL SAPS car tracking system contract lapsed because Cele signed the renewal 3 days after it expired,
reservists turned away since 2008,
20% of detectives untrained,
just 3,3% of cops trained in sexual offences,
27,000 cops with firearms,
but no licences,
16,594 cops without drivers licences and,
in 5 years there will be no rhinos left at Kruger National Park.

These are a few of the reasons why the DA will not support the handing over of this budget to the current SAPS management. This was my declaration."

Dianne Kohler Barnard
(via a Facebook 'shared' status)
Shadow Minister of Police - Democratic Alliance MP; Parliamentary Ethics Committee; KZN Vice Chairperson; MP for Central Durban Constituency.
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