Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Page Worth Liking - Support Local


@TAP and The Coffee Corner

The playground and restaurant in Durban North that we all refer to as "@TAP" is actually called The Coffee Corner - their page is here:

PLEASE LIKE: They have upgraded the play area, and the menu is out of this world - with their amazing double open sandwiches going for R34!! (My favourite is the Rye bread with smoked chicken in homemade mayo, topped with cool slices of Avo, homemade red onion marmalade and crispy thin ribbons of bacon - the side salad is GORGEOUS and adds to the flavour overall!) They sell deep bowls of golden potato chips (the best I've tasted) and also have a nice little Kiddies Menu. I also have it on good authority (my own) that their current brand of filter coffee will put hairs on your chest! (Ask Lucky to make you the Jumbo Cappuccino :) )

They use their 'Coffee Corner' facebook page to post information on specials etc so it is worth "liking".

This friendly bustling meeting place often has up to 50 young Mums and Kids/Babies there at one time! - So 64 'likes' shows me that Mums don't realise it's "@TAP"

I want to surprise them with likes!

Xx Please SHARE this blog page's link if you use @TAP's Coffee Corner xx Thank you x
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