Friday, 1 February 2013

Valentine's Day Dates vs Work

Valentine’s is one of the most stressful times of the year. Singles feel bad about being single, and couples are pressured to go out and spend money on “one night out” – is it all nonsense? Or is it just another opportunity to spend quality time out together?

This year is the second time in my life that I will be performing a gig on Valentines Day. I’ll be performing two gigs in fact – one at Galleria Mall Amanzimtoti inside Butik Asia (my clothing sponsor) and then I’ll be launching my Valentine’s Weekend show called Songs of Love from the 14th to the 17th February and I’ll be performing live piano and vocals 5 times in 4 days… eeghads.

SO for me, this year, I will not be doing the whole “date” thing with my darling Husband. Not sure how I feel about that. I kind of secretly hope that we will still go out on a date a week or so afterwards (if Hubby see’s this then it won’t be so secret anymore now will it…) On the other hand I am THRILLED to be performing with my good friend and fellow musician Haylea Hounsom.

I love a refreshing challenge, and Haylea is such a skilled singer that she forces me to “up my game” and increase my efforts. It’s fantastic. It is also so awesome singing with someone who can hold a melody line alongside harmonies, and ad-lib like a freakin’ amazing diva! I can’t wait to share our music with the audiences that come through to the Theatre.

So, I guess where I’m rambling off to in this post is this: I may not be having the traditional Valentines evening – but I think that I’m going to REALLY enjoy this years Valentine’s Weekend shows.  I just hope that I get over this stupid throat and sinus infection :o( awful timing.

If you’d like to check out who Haylea Hounsom is – please pop over to: or follow her on twitter @hayleahounsom

Take care all,

Sandy Bigara

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