Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bronwyn's Helping Hands Doula Service

Are you PREGNANT or know someone who is pregnant?
Are you a low risk pregnant Mum-to-Be wanting a natural birth?

Have you ever considered a
Home birth? Water birth? Active birth or even just a Gentle birth for your baby?
If so... You need a Midwife!

Cheryl our wonderful Midwife has years and years of experience bringing hundreds of happy, healthy babies into this world! Cheryl and her team of wonderful experienced Doula's help make the day of your baby's birth one to remember.

No or very little intervention and you get to create the surroundings you would want your baby to enter into this world by using lighting, music, smells and most of all, the love that is awaiting your little miracle.
The gentle arrival of your new little baby and the experience you have whilst giving birth naturally will be a memory you will cherish forever.

A gentle entrance into this world for your baby is what a Midwife/Doula team can do for you.

For more information please contact:

Bronwyn's Helping Hands Doula Service
076 714 3860
BBM 26B0F91C

- Cheryl was my Midwife for my second labour and she was incredible! She took me from 'not advancing in labour' to having a fast and wonderful 40 minute water birth labour! I left the hospital 1.5hrs later and had MacDonalds drive-thru on the way home ;o) so yeah, I recommend! - Sandy Bigara
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  1. Hey Sandy
    Thanks for taking interest in my website.
    I too had the most amazing births with Cheryl and her team which is why I JUST HAD TO BECOME A DOULA- The support you get whilst pregnant and in labour is just something you cannot put into words. I FIRMLY BELIEVE EVERY MUM TO BE SHOULD HAVE A DOULA!!

    - Bronwyn (Bronwyn's Helping Hands Doula Service)


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