Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Boycott Valentine's BBM

Hey :) This bbm is doing the rounds...

"Valentine died for love, Romeo also died for love, Jack in titanic died for love, Samson in the Bible died for love, Greek heroes Hercules & Archilles died 4 love ... & even Jesus Christ died for love! where are the women? Dnt buy any woman a Valentines treat this year until she gives you at least 5 names of women who died for love send this to all the males you know let's boycott this valentine"

*Titanic *Achilles *Don't *for love. *Send *know, *Valentine!

And my response:
"Between the start of human kind and 2013 AD women have LOVED MEN. Half a million women per year love their men, and +-40 weeks later they DIE giving birth. Half a million women per YEAR. They have effectively 'died for love'. No? Yes? Case closed. Buy a fxxxing Valentine's gift you cheap@ss."


Photograph: "Shuggy" - Sandy Bigara
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