Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sex and Marriage

Marriage is a very interesting subject, people either run from it, or desire it but cannot possess it. Some couples have faced death just to be together. Others have changed existing laws so that they can be married. For some it is a transient arrangement, but for others it is something taken quite seriously.

Till death do us... wait, WHAT? I thought this was a weekend thing Johnny?
For others it is a daunting prospect, the thought of having to mix families, of having to stick it out through thick and thin - facing the years together. Some people cannot fathom the notion of having sex with ONE person for the rest of your life - it is quite a scary thing to contemplate.

To love and to hold, forsaking all others…
If any of you out there have souls, and have watched The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, you’ll remember Mr. Gulia, a stereotypical sex-mad jock who can’t see that he’s about to pretend-marry frikkin DREW BARRYMORE in a film, and runs after all kinds of @$$ all the way through the movie. We don’t care though because we all know she’ll end up with the Wedding Singer in the end anyway. Right?  
Yeah I'm a douche, but i'll ALWAYS get the girl.
I know others (Women) who are in it for the bling. They don’t care about the guy at all, they want the prestige of wearing a ring, they want to drown immediately if they fall into a pool… their bejewelled hand simply too heavy to keep afloat… They are not in it for the long-haul, and I’m sure at the first sign of trouble – a deal gone wrong… heaven forbid they lose the Swiss Chalet or the Bentley darling! – they will be gone. And they will take half of everything with them.

I totally love him…OMG - I have the knuckles of a MAN-WHORE!
In South Africa I know of many young people who are desperate to be married but can’t do so for cultural reasons, either the families prescribe to tradition and want a hefty “lobola” or the families are from different cultures and a marriage will be a long and drawn out process – and quite stressful for both families. Some manage to work their way through this while others just give up hope.
Hee hee! I have no problems with this lobola
Now to get to the point: for this article’s sake, let’s pretend that we live in a world where people get married and stay married for a long time. We all love seeing the newspapers celebrating couples who have reached their 50th or 60th anniversaries... we love seeing the "then & now" photographs of their wedding days and present day. At least romantic in me does :o)

Keeping that scenario in mind I ask this: SEX AND MARRIAGE
  • How do those couples keep passion alive for 10, 20, 30, 40+ years…
  • If you are married, have you managed to stay happily married and passionate for many years?
  • Or, have you also slipped into a comfortable lifestyle of semi-celibacy?
  • How did YOU meet / marry your partner?
I know what works for us.

What works for you…


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