Friday, 12 October 2012

Why So Quiet?

Well, firstly, I've made a promise that at 60,000 views I will bungee jump off Moses Mabida Stadium - so I'm in no hurry to boost page views... No jokes.

Secondly, blogger has changed their look and I can no longer work straight from my Cell Phone anymore (modern tech is meant to assist - I feel like I've gone back to 2006 when I had no smart phone, but anyway) - if you need to know what "Internet" in South Africa is like - just check out the meme attached - Internet Explorer... In fact, ANY of them (yes Firefox and Google Chrome I'm talkin'ta'you!) I'm working off a portable USB modem at the moment and it... is... slooooow....

Thirdly, I have been busy! (Yay!) My colab with Shika Budhoo (Beswitched! @ The Catalina Theatre) was an absolute pleasure and soon to be relived! (We are back 19, 20 and 21st October!) Also, my children's show Singa Little Longa played at the Durban Botanical Gardens and was a LOT of fun!

Ps. Sorry for typo's, am typing while cooking supper AND bathing two verrry busy little girls!

Take care,

Sandy Bigara


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