Thursday, 25 October 2012

Habit To Band SA

I am stepping away from a classical music lesson filled with chocolate cupcakes, to show you something... understand. I have put down a freshly iced chocolate cupcake... Just to type this.

Firstly, for the love of all thing music, please click on the following link. Where you will tick a box online, add your vote to the growing total, and then skip merrily on your way. No sign-ups. No drama. Just a vote.
Here we go:

Secondly, here is Habit To's facebook page (incase you need to do some FBI-type snooping before you vote):!/habittoband

And, finally, here is their website (pretty cool in my humble chocolate tainted opinion):

I have known the lead singer Chillie Stent since we were teens haggling over a Guitar Chord dictionary while on Choir camp, so I can vouch for her - she is amazing.

Go and vote now, while I get back to my Handel's Laschia Ch'io Pianga and my cake...

Thank'ya kindly :)

Sandy Bigara
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