Thursday, 6 September 2012

WOOLWORTHS Racist Employment: CEO Replies


You may be aware that over the past few days, Woolworths has been accused of racist recruitment practices – specifically, of not employing white people.

We want to reassure you that this is SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

The rumours apparently were sparked by some of our recruitment ads that designate certain posts for certain groups, and are being fuelled by an organisation that has called on its members to boycott us.

As a Woolworths customer, we thought you'd like to hear the facts:

Woolworths DOES employ white people. We employ women and men of all races – white, black, coloured, Indian, as well as people with disabilities, and will continue to do so.
We're a passionately South African company, so diversity is important to us. So is offering fair career opportunities. There are some areas of our business where certain groups are seriously under represented. These are the positions where we actively look for qualified candidates from specific groups.
Most other businesses do the same to bring diversity into their workforces. In fact, in South Africa all businesses that have more than 50 employees are required to do this.
We believe the responsible thing to do is to be open and transparent in our recruitment ads about the type of candidates we are looking for. Integrity is one of the values we hold dear.
As a born-and-bred South African company, we care deeply about the long-term sustainability of our country. With your help we've made significant contributions, through programmes like MySchool, to socio-economic development. We'll continue supporting transformation and socio-economic development because they're essential for our country's (and our company's) future.
We hope that we've answered any questions that you might have had about what's been posted on social media and reported in the media.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ian Moir
CEO - Woolworths


Just thought it would be prudent to post this here, I'm being bombarded with BBM's that are filled with heresay and nonsense, trying to incite drama.

BBEEE (BBBEE? BEE? EE? BEBEB??) is flawed, it is also unfair, but Woolworths is bound by the laws of this country just as all of the other big team players are. Focus your rage and 'upset' on government, send written petitions to government. Lashing out at a Service provider for being honest in their advertising is silly. Pardon me for saying so.

Sandy B
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  1. Well said.
    Although, you must admit that while BEE has not had the desired effect, the premise behind it is sound. If you want change to occur, you have to engineer it. You cannot just hope it will happen.


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