Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Touching Base! Hello There!

Morning all, just touching base to say hi and mention what has kept me away from writing for the blog!

I have moved away from Industrial Theatre (doing road shows to hundreds of schools, mainly disadvantaged and performing in all kinds of weather!) And I've taken the leap towards mainly doing live shows at different venues (piano and vocals), and traditional theatre shows. Added to my already hectic schedule doing school edu-tainment shows, running a music school, and home schooling my children... Gah!

My new show BESWITCHED has taken over every spare inch of time that I used to have, and launches this Thursday!

Tickets are R50 and Shika Budhoo and I are so excited about it! It will run at The Catalina Theatre, Wilson's Wharf Durban, from Aug 16th till Sept 02nd.

If you are feeling especially kind today, and you live in Durban/KZN please copy paste this as your FB status or BBM status - so many of our friends/contacts have already and we're so grateful!:

"#Beswitched runs @CatalinaTheatre 16 Aug- 2 Sept. New Comedy with Sandy Bigara and Shika Budhoo 031 3056889 to book! Only R50/ticket"

In the show I play 9 different characters - white, indian, australian, afrikaans, zulu and more ...... Fun! Stressed! Happy!

So yes, for now I have been asked personally by the Durban South Constituency of the Democratic Alliance to post specific articles written by leaders of the DA and so I will do so, I also post articles that interest me: I sometimes copy the article text for ease of reading but always post the link to the original (there will be follow-up articles on the topic on the original news pages) - I share what grabs my attention and, yes, I ramble (hence the blog name) and I hope you're alright with that 'cos it aint gonna change... When I have a break from writing scripts and working on my two new novels, I will put up some self-written articles. Right now I'm lying in the dark typing on my Blackberry... Not ideal!


Here is the Press Release for the show:

"BESWITCHED- Best friends, one Indian - Leela, and one White - Pamela.
Leela is marrying Pamela's brother Eric and, the morning after a disastrous engagement party the two friends sit and share a disjointed cup of tea... The result is that due to Granny Vashti's "Special Tea" the girls swop bodies... The problem is this: The wedding is TOMORROW!!

Filled with gorgeous memories and flashbacks to growing up in the 80's and 90's in Durban, audiences will see "both sides of the coin" and meet many zany and outspoken characters along the way.

This comedy with a dramatic twist will have audiences smiling, remembering and hopefully even tapping their feet as Pamela and Leela try to "Make the circle of love complete" and Be-switch-ed back before Leela's wedding!"


Have a fab day people and please let me know of any interesting news links etc that you'd like me to consider for posting!

Get in touch with me on Facebook xx

Sandy Bigara
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