Monday, 16 July 2012


Waves are unrestrained, they pound relentlessly upon the shore.

 Multitudes of different rock types are reduced to rubble, ground into gravel, pebbles, stones, shards, fragments, and finally…fine soft sand.
When we are relentless in pursuing our goals, our dreams.

 Equality. Freedom. Respect.

 We must be fluid like water, as strong as a wave, we must pound the rocks that stand before us… into gravel, pebbles, stones, shards, fragments, and finally…sand.

Sand that we will walk upon.

They do say that "the enemy is under our feet"…
This is especially for those close to me who are walking a path less travelled. They face judgement and persecution every day for their beliefs and ideals. They are Christian, they are Muslim, they are Atheist. They are Straight and they are not. I love you guys - you know who you are - you WILL persevere and you WILL conquer.
And for those of you out there who are feeling LOW, as if you will never rise up and take hold of what you know you are called to do:
Take care.

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