Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ugly Words and Remaining Upbeat

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"As most of you who are in contact with me via my rambling blog or my facebook page, you will know that I am as usual, involved in so many (too many) projects and childrens shows at the moment. If you would like to have a listen to my latest recordings as well, please go to my Sound Cloud page.
The sequel to my first book is sitting with my Editor at the moment. Once I get my hands on it, I will have to work through the notes, alterations and corrections until it is perfect for you to read.
I have to be so patient and focussed now.
A BIG thank you to my friends and new friends who have shared with me what my book meant to them. It makes the hard work worth it!
Unfortunately when I popped onto my paperback sales page there was a nasty shock waiting for me: three horrid comments left there by three ladies who seemed to really have it in for my darling book! As you will see, on this blog - under the Reviews tab - I have left just a few of the comments that I have received.
In total almost 150 books have been sold in paperback and ebook format. If I was able to secure funding I would order bulk copies and push the book harder to drive the numbers up, but alas, I am unable to receive funding and so must try to think of a way around the problem.
Never fear :) there is a time for everything.
I have also started working on my third Novel..."

I console myself with this fact: by the time I have written my 50th Novel I will have gained immeasurable experience... But until then, I will try my best and learn as much as I possibly can!

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Thanks guys,

Sandy Bigara
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