Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Music :)

I have finally opened a soundcloud account (!!) and have started posting my recordings there. At the moment they are all free to download.

I wrote this song "Tired Fields" when we were in the middle of a lot of stress, we were feeling so obliterated by circumstance... In this recording I have pulled out all of the music and left only the vocals. I sang this to our children and sang it to myself a lot. I hope that you like it.

The following "The Look of Love" is one of the songs that I perform in my Jukebox Diva show.

This one I recorded for all of my school friends (we're old bags now... Lol!)

This final one is very special to me, the backing track is played by Durban's well loved entertainer Colin Penn.

For my other tracks - please visit:

Sandy Bigara

If you would like to hear my 15 year old gifted piano student please visit:
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