Friday, 1 June 2012

Gateway Shoot Out

Sorry I have taken so long to blog about this but you just never know which BBM's are real and which are hoaxes.

I received this bbm earlier while walking around the relatively peaceful China Mall in town... :

"STAY AWAY FROM GATEWAY - a wild west shooting just broke out inside gateway all staff n customers r stuck inside stores n stock rooms , it is said dat sum have been shot n a few killed, plz stay away from gateway n keep all those trapped inside in ur prayers"

And a source of mine phoned one of the stores inside the centre, and it was confirmed by staff that there was a shoot-out in what appears to be a cash heist.

The shoot-out happened at about 1:30pm (according to and both suspects have been shot dead, this is as much as I know, I'm asking around for more details.

I saw on facebook that Gateway is denying any incident, although people are commenting first hand witness to the events, describing staff members fleeing from staff exits.

What are your thoughts? Does Gateway need to up their security measures? Have you ever been in a hold-up? What happened?

Keep safe,

Sandy Bigara
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  1. noo it's all part of the shopping experience. don't you think it makes a trip to the mall all the more exciting? did it really happen? this is the only related hit i got on google. which is weird because news24 and stuff would have usually covered this event by now. cool blog by the way

  2. News24 used their uber-fantastic SEO skills and posted the article under the header "Robbers shot at Durban Mall" or something :/

    Most definitely a 'shopping experience'!!

    Thanks for the compliment. My little Blackberry does help... When it's not being a Blackberry.


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