Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bruno and Debbie Rescued!

I found out an hour ago that the Brother of my friend Vera has been rescued alongside his partner Debbie.

This has been an incredible experience for me as a person - witnessing the strength of Vera and her fiance Colin as they rallied troups of performers and sponsors to try everything in their power to save their family members from a hellish existence.

I have read the articles doing the rounds on Facebook, and I just want to say: I am SO pleased that they are finally free, I wish them both much success and strength during this rehabilitation time. It will not be easy but I know that they will do much to teach our country about the very real and present danger of modern day hostage situations.

Vera, Colin - I am very proud of you. You never stopped trying.

Conte partiro Somali's :o)


Leave a message on their Facebook page:

Sandy Bigara

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