Friday, 18 May 2012

Taxi Violence and Art

It seems that while Taxi and Bus violence spreads like wildfire and stones fly like hail stones, while helicopters circle Durban and absolute bloodshed and chaos ensue on the M4... The Prez is upset about a painting.

Now, I personally feel that the painting is distasteful, but others will argue that the Prez is as well. What is your opinion? Is "The Spear" a piece of Art or a childish jab at a public figure and a shameless attempt at publicity?

It seems that our beloved Government doesn't like, or understand, Art. If the rotting, rusting Andrie Botha's Elephant sculptures and Bronze Shaka Zulu sculpture are anything to go by. Or the Zapiro cartoon case, going to court in October? Zuma has, to date, sued the media 11 times for defamation. Are people crossing the line or is the Prez too sensitive?


Here is the Brett Murray painting of "Zuma's Jewels" that has the ANC up in arms. #prezjewels - What is your reaction?

---- Zuma and the ANC to sue the Artist.

---- The Artist's page.

---- Zapiro case news.

---- The Elephant sculpture saga.


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