Monday, 21 May 2012

Missing Durban Teen: Kaylene Lewis

Missing girl Kaylene Lewis: Story IS confirmed.

Please check out the link and then forward/share etc. Email if you can.
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  1. Kaylene is my niece. Her dad had a call from a lady in PE who said she saw a girl possibly matching Kaylene's discription, but might not be her... She said she was on her way to JBAY... please anyone in JBAY / PE area please keep a lookout for her.. She should of reached Jeffreys Bay now if it is her. If anybody spots her please phone Quinton (her dad)on 0823252069

  2. has there been any further news about this young girl?

  3. Only the comment above re JBay. At least people are ditributing the flyer everywhere. Hopefully someone will recognise her

  4. Perhaps the family should contact Brad Nathanson - a P.I. in Durban for assistance - he has a high success rate. His details can be found through an internet search

  5. Why is her father not on his way to JBay already????? I believe that Kaylene does not live with either of her parents, what does THAT say to a child? Perhaps she is a troubled teen who has done this as a cry for help or love, who can blame her if neither of her parents have her living with them? NO TEEN IS EASY, but they need stability and security, not to be farmed out to Gran. Gran brought up her kids, why must she bring up this one too?
    Brad Nathanson is excellent but he has a living to make so his costs are high - I reiterate, if there is even a vague hint that Kaylene is in JBay, why isn't the worried father NOT hotfooting it down there?? Do you really rely on possible eye witness accounts when your child is missing? Come on!

    1. Kaylene has been found in Queensburgh last night. A 34 year old man was arrested in connection with her kidnapping. Kaylene stays with her mother during the week and on weekends with her dad. How can you say that she doesn't stay with neither of them???? I know her dad and he is a good man, he won't do anything to her or hurt her. Her Gran never brought her up. Next time check your facts before you start pointing fingers at everybody!!!!!!!
      Kaylene never went to JBAY, she was in KZN all the time. Another thing, she is not a troubled teen, she is very quiet and she always tell everybody where she is going.

  6. Does anybody know how this girl is doing now?


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