Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kaylene Lewis Found Safe!

Message received from Kath Singery!

"Kaylene has been found and is now home and safe with her family. Special thanks to Provincial Crime Intelligence for their dedication. Its been a hard ten days but it paid off in the end. Commendations to the Durban North Detectives who answered to every lead without hesitation. Your commitment was amazing. Also thank you to the wonderful ladies of the Durban North Crisis team were waiting for us when we brought her home.
Kaylene was found in a house in Escombe. A 34 old male has been arrested. The police media liaison will release more details in due course. Thank you all again. :)"


*Image sourced from Durban Organised Crime Unit -KZN on Facebook.
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  1. Gee that is really great.
    Lets hope he gets what he deserves.

  2. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with the family. The worst is over, but still a long road ahead.
    Well done to the family, friends and all involved for your determination and dilgiance and keeping it in the media.
    So good to hear some good news about our police force.
    Well done Everyone.

  3. Kaylene, remember the child is always innocent. You are going to go through a period of self blame, it is natural, but remember the child is always innocent. It will help you through your healing.

  4. So pleased that Kaylene is home safe where she belongs. Prayers to her family that she can find peace soon from this dreadful ordeal.No young lady should have to put her father and grandparents through this. Kaylene I hope that you can be a happy young beautiful lady you deserve to be.
    Glad you are home. A long road of healing now has to start and hope the end to happiness is found soon

  5. So glad she was found...we have been praying for her...Thank you Lord for answering prayer.


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