Monday, 2 April 2012

Holiday Time

Hey there, just a quick note to say that I've been on holiday since mid March and will only be back in action after April 10th.

Have a fantastic Easter break and for those of you enjoying Splashy - have a blast! So jealous!

I'm spending quality time with my kids and busy getting into the swing of home schooling AND running a business!

Take care,

Sandy Bigara


  1. Why do you home school?

  2. Sorry for the very late reply!

    I have always wanted to Home School, even before I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. The close bond that forms between children and their parents in a Home School environment is something that I've witness, desired, and now have :)

    It is sometimes hard - especially if I'm very busy or feeling sick, but once we settle down to work it is so rewarding. The girls are loving it and getting 'into the flow' of it now.

    Thanks for your question xx Have I answered it?


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