Friday, 2 March 2012

Tropical Cyclone Durban KZN

"ml/mm" has now been CORRECTED! Take THAT typo gremlin!

Northern KZN is expected to get over 400mm of rain over the weekend thanks to the nasty tropical cyclone headed our way. God be with the shack dwellers and those living near, or at the mercy of, rivers.

Disaster management teams are on standby.

The last big tropical cyclone was 'Domoina' which hit KwaZulu-Natal in 1984 and dumped between 400 - 600mm of rain over a few days.

The Durban's Metro Police and Fire Department can be contacted on the following number 0313610000.

Durban and surrounds are expected to experience heavy rainfall from about 18:00 with rainfall of 200 - 400mm expected over the next three days.

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Stay high and dry all.

Sandy Bigara

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