Monday, 13 February 2012

Poltergeist Activity

After years of weird experiences too many to mention, I am now over it.

Your thoughts?

Sandy Bigara

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  1. um... yeah.
    All this video proves is that stuff fell over. There is not one shred of evidence that ghosts, poltergeists or any so called paranormal forces are involved.
    My first thought was that this could easily have been achieved using fishing line, and an out of shot person pulling them over. There are other ways that this could have been achieved as well.

    Sandy, there is not one shred of scientific data to show any evidence of any kind, for there being ghosts, or poltergeists or anything along those lines. What there is evidence of, and plenty of it too, is people experiencing natural phenomena, and, due to their own fears and beliefs, ascribing it to the paranormal.
    Just because something happens that cannot immediately be explained using our current knowledge, does not automatically point to paranormal activity. It just means that we don't know why it happened. There is an ABSENCE of evidence, and it is foolish to leap to any kind of conclusion.

    Many people talk about the fear, the cold chills, the various other "markers" that happen when paranormal activity is occurring. Lets use Occam's razor for a second, because it actually does work. What do you think is more likely to be happening?
    A. There are ghosts, or other paranormal forces, which have managed to elude the greatest scientific minds for centuries, but are making an appearance here in my house, or:
    B. My belief in these forces, together with an event which I cannot explain, is causing me to have an emotional response, which in turn is creating a physical response.

    There is no evidence for ghosts. There is no evidence for fairies. There is no evidence of a flying spaghetti monster, there is no evidence of god. At least until we actually get solid evidence of any of these things actually existing, we have no reason to believe them.


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