Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Pet Advice

A bit of friendly advice from Veterinary Surgeon Dr Margaret Roos:


  1. When acquiring a new pet, take it to your vet for a check-up and advice.
  2. Unless you want to become a registered "breeder" of dogs and cats, the spaying of a female is essential between 3 – 5 months.
  3. The normal temperature of dogs and cats is 38'C – 39'C
  4. Puppies and Kittens get their permanent teeth from the age of 4 – 6 months.
  5. General cleanliness and hygiene is essential.
  6. Consult your vet for advice to curb ticks and fleas, and for regular de-worming for hook worm, tape worm and round worm. 
    Not an actual photo of Dr. Roos.
·         At the age of 6 – 10 weeks, puppies and kittens should receive their first inoculations which MUST be accompanied by a valid Certificate signed by a Veterinarian.

·         An inoculation program for your pet will then be discussed with you by your Veterinarian.

·         The inoculation against rabies is separate from those against the various dog and cat diseases.

·         The rabies inoculation is compulsory, as this disease is transmissible and fatal to human beings. In South Africa this inoculation is offered free of charge by the State Vet Dept. Dogs and cats should receive their first rabies inoculation at 2 – 4 months.

For further information consult your Vet.

 A big thank you to Dr. Roos who showed my little cat and I such respect and care today. If you are a pet owner and live in the Durban North area, and your pet needs some good old fashioned Veterinary care:

Ebenezer Veterinary Consulting Room
*By Appointment Only*
Dr. DR. Margaret Roos BV.Sc
62A Soofie Saheb Drive
Durban North
Tel: 0315645027 / 031 5638023
Fax: 086 509 6883

Let's look after our pets people.

Sandy Bigara

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