Friday, 10 February 2012

Facebook Parenting: for the troubled teen

With well over 1.5million views, I watched this clip late last night - with mouth hanging slack... More parents need to stand up and say NO to their sassy teens, but has this guy gone too far? Has he killed the relationship? How long till Dr. Phil has them on his show? How long till they have a reality tv series?
The filming was rudimentary, the language stilted and emotional, him ripping into stuff with a 9 millimetre pistol* caught me by surprise though.

(*I am a blonde female, don't quote me on that, it may be an AK47, no idea. It shoots though. Shoots bullets through a friggin'... ... You watch it.)

Sandy Bigara

Go to and search for
"Facebook Parenting: for the troubled teen."

Or, if you are on mobile or Blackberry, try this link - I'm posting from my Blackberry so not sure if it will work!!


  1. What an arsehole. No wonder his daughter is upset. Seriously, Neanderthal parents like these are the reason this world is so fucked up.
    How about showing her some respect? How about letting her blow off some steam in a safe private way? How about you actually teach her, rather than humiliate her?
    Seriously. No fucking clue.
    For more wonderful christian parenting, take a look here:

  2. The guy's an absolute diphead! You don't treat your children/loved ones like that!
    I agree that some teens need a bit more discipline, but that is really taking things to the extreme!
    Whatever happened to treating people with love and respect? Especially family?!


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