Monday, 13 February 2012

Adele and the Grammy's

British R&B singer Adele was in seventh heaven at the Grammy Awards, the 54th awards, staged Sunday in Los Angeles. Adele won all six categories in which she was nominated. She sang for the first time since having vocal surgery in October last year.


"Her album 21 won the top prize of album of the year, as well as best pop vocal album. Her song Rolling in the Deep won record of the year, song of the year and best short-form music video. Adele also won best pop solo performance for Someone Like You."


I am pleased for her, and from listening to her sing at the Grammy's I can hear that she has had some coaching and rehabilitation of her voice.


After teaching voice development and vocal training for nearly 15 years, I have always wondered when she would hurt herself vocally, smoking and singing incorrectly will take their toll - don't get me wrong - she is an emotive and beautiful singer. I was chatting with my husband and I said that Adele is not like some other popular singers. The trend at the moment is for singers to 'play it safe', relying on backing tracks and vocals while maintaining their own vocals. Now, Adele sings full voice with all of her heart, and makes use of a wide range of notes and styles – dangerous if there is not adequate support and placement. I was so pleased to hear a slight change in her style from 'unsupported' to much better support, less pressure inside her throat.


She has held on to her 'sound' while protecting her vocal chords.

Good for you Adele.

Now just put away the ciggies.


If you would like some more trivia, and access to footage and photographs from the event, click on: and browse away…





Sandy Bigara

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