Thursday, 24 November 2011

Second Chance Donations Appeal - S.A.

Dear Friends of Second Chance

As many of you know, Second Chance is currently going through an extremely difficult time. We have been hit with a terrible outbreak of Toxoplasmosis – we have a strain that is deadly and we have already had one casualty since the outbreak was diagnosed yesterday, we have some more that may have to be hospitalized and we are going through a lot of medication, the medication that we are currently using does not seem to be effective, so we are trying to source an alternative – we have been told that the alternative medication is extremely expensive. Our vet bill is starting to climb extremely high although our vet is trying to assist us as much as possible on welfare rates.

We are therefore left with no other alternative than to ask for assistance – whether it be financial or with donations of food (food donations will assist us because we can use the finances that would have been used for food towards the vet bills). We would also need donations of Bleach and other cleaning equipment if possible.

At Second Chance we pride ourselves to keep the casualty numbers as low as possible by acting fast and trying to gain control of the situation as fast as possible, we, however have never seen such an aggressive outbreak and we are seeing more infected cats by the hour. Within two days we have 32 cats that are showing symptoms, 6 of these are severely ill. We simply cannot take on this huge task without assistance and prayer.

I have listed the details of our vet below, as well as Second Chance's banking details – please note that it is extremely important that you let us know that a donation has been made into the vet bill so that we can consolidate the payments with them. Also, feel free to contact them on the listed numbers for any questions you might have.

Second Chance's Primary Vet Banking Details:
Brighton Beach Veterinary Clinic
Contact tel 031 466 2449
Nedbank Bluff
Branch Code 130826
Account Number 1308119453
Ref: Second Chance Sanctuary

Second Chance Banking details:
FNB Bluff
Branch Code 250135
Account Number 62239003578
Ref: Name and Telephone number

The following foods are used by Second Chance:

Wet food (any of the following):

Pets Mince from Bluff meat supply
Chicken Livers and/or hearts
Pampers Tins (Saucy Mince)
Petley's Tins
Lucky Pet (for the sick ones that do not want to eat)
Cape Point Mackarel Tins (in the human food isle)
Pilchards in Tomato Sauce

Cleaning Equipment (any of the following):

Tile cleaner
F10 foggers
F10 SC disinfectant
Dishwashing liquid (also used to clean the floors – hehe)

We thank you in advance and hope that you will be able to forward this mail on to anyone that may be able to assist.

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