Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hero's: Why Have They Changed So Much?

Confined to a morning of bed rest after having a bit of a wobble (too much stress, deadlines looming, and the loss of a friend on Sunday) and paging through a magazine about DVD's, I saw one ugly character after another... Which begs the question, do they think it is charming? Is it a more realistic body image to portray? I have to be honest. I miss Prince Charming, Sinbad and Aladdin. Those guys were a bit of alright. My boy cousin's wanted to 'be' them.

- When will Digital Animators return to the 'old days' style of handsome painted hero's... And give us a hero that isn't facially challenged and in need of orthodontic assistance? (Arthur Christmas, Ratatouille, Up, Ant Bully, Monster House and more...)

Where is it written "All digital hero's must be gangly (or obese), disproportionate, dentally mal-aligned and must appear to be dim witted... Oh, nose and ears must also be greatly exaggerated."

I cannot think of one 'handsome' digi-cartoon hero!

Sick Sandy Bigara

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Book Launch Soon!

This is it!

My book launch is this friday at the stunning - I can't wait!

Due to the incredible generosity of certain women in my life I have almost all of the money for the launch, I have had a great response to the invitations and I am confident that it will be a fabulous evening!

I can't wait to thank everybody by name.


Sandy Bigara
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Natural Botox and Skin renewal

Want to look younger? Don't want plastic surgery? Don't like the idea of botox? Well then, read this: It's all about the combination of two products - Relift XS & Juveneu. Combined, they reduce wrinkles and make the face more youthful... Try it. Let me know!

Relift website:

Juvenue website:

I'm going to try it.... Hey, a girl has to look her best!

Sandy Bigara

Monday, 10 October 2011

Man-up, Men.

I read an interesting article today which prompted me to write this. I have read quite a few similar articles across the web, and I have noticed this trend. I have also read countless Facebook status's where women are complaining. The issue at hand?: Men need to grow up.

The facts and stats stated in the following article are interesting: and show that there is a steady decline happening.

What are your views? Is this Just an American problem? A friend of mine, Duane Kay, has a gift for writing 'Life Guidelines' here's what he wrote today:
"Thought For Today:
Ephesians 6v4 Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

God knows that Fathers provoke their kids. God was mindful of Fathers and their behaviours. Yet, it's sad to see that today we have Grown Boys called Fathers who borrow from their kids, think their kids owe them the world, live by pride and PROVOKE their kids to anger. Some Men are nothing without their children, whether biological or step. It's sad that Fathers would lead their children to bottle stores, and not to church. Grow-Boy."

Why are men not stepping up to the plate? In South Africa across the racial sphere's there are too many Fatherless children. Too many split families. Too many 'surprise kids' - Boys don't have actual male role models anymore. They have their school friends, the TV, Wii, Playstation or my personal worst(haha) Ben10, as their guides.

No wonder men grow up with no 'hope'.

You may slate me for pushing Religion - but I'm telling you now, solid Family, good positive Religion and honest Hard Work go hand in hand to build a man.

Sandy Bigara

Blackberry RIM Server Crashes: Global B.I.S. Black-out's

Blackberry's B.I.S and BBM service's across the globe are down, read:

RIM's Server in Slough - Canada have failed, leaving millions of users worldwide without the BB Applications and more importantly, without the free messaging service Blackberry Messenger, or BBM.  

RIM's spokesperson was not available for comment.

The question now is, will it ever come back? Will we be refunded for the lost hours that we have paid for?

This doesn't bode well for RIM.

Sandy Bigara

Parties @ Oasis

Party Venue:
R375p/hr min 2hrs max 3hrs, full use of the modern colourful playground, LOTS of shade, use of the tarmac undercover area, space for vroom bikes and skate boards, use of the smaller sandpit (ideal for under 2's) swings, slides, jungle gyms, balancing beam, monkey bars, rocking horse, wendy houses, zebra seesaw and more!

Catering Per Child:
R80 per child, minimum of 10 children, for a table of child friendly low sugar snacks and fruit juice. We take the fuss and worry of catering away, we also know what kids love to eat!

Party Packs:
R35 per child, minimum of 10 children. (Corn Chips, fizzer, smarties, sucker and colouring in page&crayons.)

Adult Catering:
R500 for snack platters and 2x Box Fruit Juices. Cups provided. There is an Adults table available for snacks, and a smaller adult table for an Urn/Juices. (We do not provide an urn.)

We do not do themed parties, however, we do provide 4 x 1m by 1m children's tables and one 1.5m by 80cm table for juice and for the birthday cake. There is ample space for wall hangings or themed decor. There is space for a small jumping castle - we have a contact for that as well.

We assist with setting up, clean the venue throughout the party and assist with packing down the party.

The packing down process begins 15min before the end of the party time.

Call: 0828650226 or email to book.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Dark Book, Some Links and an eBook Reader

Do you want to download my novel as an ePub book, but dont have an eBook reader?
... never fear! ADOBE is here!
1. Upload the free software.
2. Sign up with Adobe for your Adobe ID.
3. Start collecting eBooks to read on your PC!

Move with the times: eBooks are the cheaper option, and you can collect and store an entire library of books using the Adobe Digital Editions reader.

Also, I have also published A Dark Collection of Short Stories - It is a nice bittersweet collection of slightly macabre stories (I write children's theatre, and mushy love stories... this is definitely my alter ego writing these shorts!)

While I'm at it - if you like Afrikaans Pop/Rock please visit: Amazing woman and a lovely voice.

Have a FAB day!

Sandy Bigara

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Durban Sand Castle Contest... and a Beach Rant

   On Saturday (despite the gale force winds) we packed the kiddies into the car, and headed off to check out the Durban Sand Castle Contest, happening on Durban's 'New Beach' beach.  
   The first thing that caught my eye was a striking sandbag display (below) spelling out the word "DURBAN" nice touch guys ;o) within minutes we were given Nivea peaks, the girls were given free Nivea beach balls (a real hit) and we spent an enjoyable (windswept) half an hour or more exploring the ranks of Sand Artists.

   We were there only one hour into the contest and so I am sure that the sculptures grew progressively more interesting with time.
   I am sure that they will upload some great photos to their website:
Or, to their Facebook Page:

We enjoyed the clear air, pumping music (courtesy of the Red Bull bakkie and some wicked remixes) and lots of happy faced volunteers. Here are some of the Sand Castles one hour into the contest…

Prepare thyself for some RANT time:
   My only negative comment is this: From the car park to the sand castle lot, one had to pass the children’s new and revamped paddling pools, pass the change rooms, the ‘Pirate Ship’ play area and an “available to rent” Restaurant/Venue which sits atop the very clean and presentable toilets.
   Now my above statement is negative because of one thing: The entire walk stinks.
   People obviously don’t feel the need to use the public restrooms and have urinated all over the dying palm trees, the pirate ship and the walls of the restaurant. The newer simplified paddling pools smell horrific, the grass is littered with chicken bones, shards of glass, cigarette stompies and other bits of rubbish (there are adequate and well marked bins provided.)
   The children’s play area is unfinished – the gravel and builder’s rubble has started to surface from under the layer of sea sand (obviously laid there for the 2010 Fifa World Cup) and there are sharp bits of gravel, concrete, blue stones and glass where the children jump from the height of the ships deck. My daughter climbed the barrels and jumped to the sand – nearly injuring her foot on a sharp chicken bone protruding from the ground.
   When we visited Australia in 2009 I was amazed at how clean the public areas were, no urine smell. No rubbish littering the ground (in the presence of bins) there was PRIDE.
   I ask this one thing, South Africa: When your government takes the time to create a visually beautiful play area, pools, clean toilets, rubbish bins etc WHY do you, as a South African people, ruin it with your mess and stink? The company, Street Scene Tours made a huge effort, gathered sponsors, provided an awesome opportunity for a fun and enjoyable family day, and there was this down side. You know it. You can imagine it if you have ever walked our beaches and parks before, it’s…
…The “Durban Smell”…
 "It kinda smells like the colour brown... your thoughts?" - Flynn Ryder, Tangled 2011

   The beach was clean, I will go there happily.
But, the play area… and paddling pools?
I for one will never take my child there again.

Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Thorngate Sales: Nearing 60 copies!

People said: "Dont self-publish! You'll sell 5 books and quit." Well...

TWO books sold today! One ebook from me via email, and one Paperback novel from LULU site!!

Click on the following links:
eBook - (epub)

Paperback Novel -

Yay! Keep it up!

Also, my first international readers have received their eBooks! Harley in Holland, Kirsti in Australia :o)

Kirsti wrote: "I've finished reading the e-book of your novel, and I loved it! :) you are so incredibly talented :) can't wait for the next one"

Let me know guys!

Sandy Bigara
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