Saturday, 3 September 2011

Why My Doctor Laughed At Me

It's embarrassing.

My Doctor practically fell off his chair.

I have spent the entire week in agony with what I thought was the start of an ear infection. Well. It wasn't.

I'll start at the beginning, last Friday I was hungry and happy - not a good combo for me. When we fetched our daughter from school, my mother - the Principal there - gave me a tub of chocolate Nesquik as a gift. We jumped in the car and sped off home because we were due to watch Barney live at the Durban ICC... In the car I decided that I just *couldn't wait* until we got home... cracked open the tub and dumped a whole stack of Nesquik powder into my mouth (more than could comfortably fit in there... Don't judge!) And as I was about to eat it, my Husband and child made me laugh. The result was, like, a sneeze/choke/laugh/chocolate powder explosion. The entire lot of dry chocolate powder in my mouth exploded into my sinus, and shot out of my nose *attractive* and within minutes I had a chocolate raging sinus migraine. I was man-down for the rest of the evening... Medicine, darkness, blinding pain.

The next morning I had a blocked ear and a sore throat, on the right hand side. I gave it a few days and it got worse. Eventually last night (Friday) I *folded* and agreed to see the Doctor. He had a gap open so my Husband bundle the four of us into the car and raced off to the Doctor.

Turns out that I sprained my neck when I sneezed/choked/laughed/chocolate powder exploded. Not only that. When I sneezed/choked/laughed/chocolate powder exploded a whole stack of Nesquik powder shot up into my Eustachion tube/canal and into my inner ear.


All that for Chocolate powder!?! Damn right.

Anyway, the Nesquik molecules attract water and so my ear drum is bulging. How embarrassing!! Haha!

*sigh* ever done something stupid? Tell me about it :o)

Sandy Bigara
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