Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Recipe: Chicken & Date Pan, On Jacket Potato

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Chicken & Date Pan, On Jacket Potato
A splash of Olive Oil
2x Chicken breasts - roughly diced
1x Medium sized onion chopped finely
1/2 Chicken stock cube
1x Carrot - cubed into half cms
1x 5cm of English cucumber cut into half cm cubes
3 Dates pitted and chopped
Half tub of fresh cream (add more if needed)
1 Tbspoon of Royco's Chicken a la king cooking powder.
3 x Medium sized jacket potatoes washed.
1. Add onion, olive oil and chicken breast to the pan, fry up until chicken is tender and onion is soft. Add chicken stock cube and mix to break it up.

2. Add carrot, cucumber and date mix - stir up on a high heat until vegetables look done (stir fry style).

3. Lower the heat and add fresh cream, add a tablespoon of Royco's Chicken a la king (it makes the cream thicken and gives the sauce a great buttery flavour)
Royco's website:

4. Allow it to simmer for a few minutes, stirring constantly, then lower the heat until time to serve.

5. Place clean potatoes (jacket potatoes - in their skins) into a microwave safe dish, fill it 1cm with water, prick the potatoes and cook on high for 4 minutes. Turn over and check the softness, cook for another 4 minutes on high.

6. Remove the potatoes from the microwave safe dish, break them open (stack them, slice them or even mash them) and sprinkle a little cheese onto them, spoon the hot chicken mixture on top, garnish and serve.
This was a firm hit with my family - even the little kids ate all of their supper!

Hope you enjoy it!

Sandy Bigara


  1. Couldn't find any spelling mistakes apart from Ala which should be a la. Also, there are loads of words randomly capitalised...
    Also, cm's doesn't make sense. Why would you add a possessive suffix onto cm? Should be cm ;)

  2. Thanks :) fixed! You missed one though...... it was a typo - haha :)

    - Sandy Bigara


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